You All Warm My Heart & Home Decor Hop Winner

April 25, 2011

Thank You Dear Faith
First, a big juicy kiss of thanks to my fairly new Friend Faith at Faithfule Creations.

  • For hosting this challenging but super fun hop. She had a great belief in all of us--inspiring and encouraging many of us to think outside the paper craft world and try our hand at home decor.
  • Your friendship to me. Faith is very genuine and giving. For your belief in me. In turn, you haves opened your own story to share--placing trust.
  • And for wearing your Christian Faith on your sleeve. You are a mentor in that area of my life.

The women that Faith brought together in this hop are all pretty amazing! They are kind, supportive and real! I have enjoyed crafting with you and sharing a bit of our loves with each other. I look forward to "hopping" in to you in blog land!

You amaze me. I appreciate that you give me a part of your busy lives to look at my creations. More, I am truly humbled and greatly thankful for the kind words. We all have personal and family struggles. This is my outlet and truly my only talent. Your comments and support fill my cup.

Winner of BBQ Cook Book Kit
Congrats Anniebee!!
April 24, 2011 at 11:35 pm
"Ohmigosh! These are absolutely beautiful! I have seen a few other iris folding projects and though I thought they were very pretty, they didn’t intrigue me as much as yours have. Maybe it’s because you show how it’s done. Love the tutorial!

I used to draw from the 3 days--as a total number and counted up where day 1 left off. Love how it worked out for Anne as on Day 2 she said that she enjoys BBQing. I do have your email and will contact you.

I welcome you to stop by my facebook fan page. I often posts my paper creations there that are not alway son my blog.
I also invite you to my online shop. If you see something you like, but want different colors, let me know. I also love custom orders.

2 comments on “You All Warm My Heart & Home Decor Hop Winner”

  1. Thanks for your sweet comment on my spring wreath!!! I have a funny story about the "flowers not going all the way around" My hubby thinks it's undone! He said "are you going to finish it" He just didn't understand the whole concept of it's not done (this actually happened when I did my fall wreath! YOU must see that one if you haven't it was my first!!!! ) Anywho! We are at Michaels one day and he looks up at about 10 or so different wreaths that are ALL "undone" and says to me. Oh look hunny, they copied your undone wreath idea!! HA!! I'll just let him think I started the trend!!! 🙂


    p.s. did you know your a noreply comment blogger? I actually have the instructions on how to fix that in my post a comment message! 🙂

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