I know that Valentine's Day is past, but I want to share the card that I made for my sweetheart!

I chose this darling image of a couple in a "romantic" gesture. It came from Apex Cuttable Designs. First I cut out the image from red card stock. I knew that I wanted to use just the outline of the image. However, this could prove confusing for the finished piece. Thus I used my Pazzles software to erase all the cut line of the image except for the "holes" between the two figures.

The Spaces Between Figures

I cut the black cardstock that "housed" the spaces to be just smaller than the finished card size. When I cut the image from red card stock I cut that slightly bigger than the black piece.


Next I added foam to the reverse of the red cut to raise the entire image.

Dimensional Foam

I carefully aligned the two pieces together. Adding the card front to a white base was the final pop it needed. I added a 3-dimensional umbrella. I designed this in Pazzles. It turned out perfectly!

True Love

And in case you were wondering . . . Here's a peak underneath the umbrella!

What kind of shoes do mice wear?

Here is an adorable Valentine that Amanda created for Pazzles. All pieces of the valentine are made using the Pazzles' InVue, including the sentiment!! Yes, you use the Pen Tool to "draw" the text. You can make the mice your own creation by using supplies that you already have in your craft room. You'll see that I used a gem for the noses.

For the cut file and assembly directions, link to Pazzles post, Mice to Know You. As a side note, I used glue dots to assemble and attache my mice. I felt that using a hot glue gun would melt the chocolate.

Happy Valentine's Day.

How do you save a drowning mouse?
Use mouse to mouse resuscitation!

I have added a number of valentines for sale. You can link here.

I also have a few general cards available here.

Thank you for looking.

It's pretty cold here this weekend! We need a little cheer. Playing around today with some bolds, brights and daisies!

Yeah for getting back to paper piecing! This is how first starting crafting with my Pazzles! Today I have a card that features a cute pup. The paper pieced puppy is from MyScrapChick. It is from years ago and I think it is no longer available.



I'm not sure what it's called, but it is a popular shape circulating the crafting world. I call it a "swirly scribble flower." I think it is mostly available as a metal die. But I said to myself, "Self, you can do this up in Pazzles' software!" And I did! I have made 3 variations of this swirl. It is so fun to play around with and create a huge variety of designs. You can use the swirl as all one size, or mix it up be re-sizing to multiple sizes. You can even squish it in Pazzles. Something you can't do with a metal die! And bonus, I am sharing it as a free file (see end of post). You'll see that it also includes the solid cut and both an inline and outline of the cut. This adds to the variety of creations. Please do not share the file. Please direct crafters to this original blog post. (Please note my copyright restrictions listed within the file.)

I am using the cut as a flower. Certainly, you can do other things with it. Use it a wreath, a nest, tree top, or stand alone. Let's see what I have come up with . . . .

The leaves on this card are from a metal die cut.

The "hello" that I have added below is a metal die cut. The leaves are from the built in image gallery in the Pazzles software. In these two cards, you can see how I played with size for the swirls, as well as Paz's leaf.

The leaves on this card are the same leaf as above, however, by un-grouping the image, I removed the inner cut lines to create a solid leaf. I designed the text with Adobe Illustrator. I print first, then adhere the cuts.

The below card is dressed up with a strip of embossed paper and again, the text is designed in Illustrator.

In the cards following, you'll see how I used the shadows and full shape behind the swirls. I love how the pink card turned out!

And one final card . . .

I can't wait to make more! Will you join me?!

Here is the Free Cut File:
Swirly Flower SVG
Swirly Flower PVGC

I only made a few cards for Christmas this year. I wasn't too motivated, but I hopped in to my "workshop" and gave it a go.

I have a friend who loves the llama craze. I have a llama metal die. I'm experimenting with what to do with him. I quickly fashioned this card by creating & printing the sentiment and background in Adobe Illustrator. It's a cute idea, but I think it needs a lot more to it. What ideas can you share with me to tweak the final design?

Fa La Llama!

I was playing with a couple of "round" metal dies. I used this "star burst" (if you will) and the Merry Christmas die to make a shaker card. Another flop in my opinion. I do see many other possibilities in my mind.

Merry Christmas

Here is card that has a number of elements added to it. Using Pazzles' software I created the "swirl" flower. It is a popular shape as of present. Again, no need to purchase dies when I can draw it up in Pazzles. In this case, I used the shape as a wreath, layering two of them.

Bold Colors

I do love the way the next cards turned out. Simple white cardstock with a tree embossing folder. I used my Pazzles software to create and cut several cardinals and the sentiment. That sentiment is tiny and it took me several tries. But I know Paz could handle it.

Simple & Crisp


Do you make cards for Christmas? Happy Christmas to you!

Happy Christmas!

At my work place we are engaging in Secret Santa. That is when you draw the name of a co-worker and secretly give them presents. At the end of the given period, you reveal your identity. Usually, the group engaging in this festivity agrees to a low dollar allotment.

We are doing a one week Secret Santa mission. I have found 5 small, yet nice, items to gift to my recipient. I had the clever idea to package them in a snowman!

My snow "balls" are "square." I used a cut file for a cube that I created years ago with my Pazzles software. I resized it to 4 graduating sizes--staring with one inch and increasing by a quarter inch each time. The bottom gift was quite a bit largerthan the others and flat (a picture frame). Fortunately I had a box to compliment my set up, as creating a cube for the bottom would have made things disproportionately odd. His hat is a cylinder that I fashioned by hand.

Cube Before Closing

I am attaching a note instructing my recipient to begin at the bottom. My identity will be revealed in a note inside the hat!

He's a four "ball" snowman!

Happy Holidays!

This is a craft that you can do with the kiddos. Make your snowman as tall as you wish!

Blessed Christmas to you and yours.

I think cards and crafts with mason jars will never go out of style. I have a new toy! It is a metal die for making a tri-fold mason jar card. It is made by sizzix.


Here is a top view of the card when it is folded and unfolded.

Mason Jar Card Closed

Mason Jar Card Open

Here you see how I used a band of cardstock to hold the card closed.

Back Side

And now, the gorgeous possibilities. They are endless! And, it's so fun! The "jar" inside is removable for writing the message or display. You might even make the inside jar in to a book mark.

A Beautiful Greeting




Inspirational Birthday




Simple Hello


Additional Photos -- showing outside and inside. You'll see more clearly how the inside "jar" is removable.

Beautiful Pair

Sunset Orange

A Lovely Pair!

I welcome you to my (semi-new) blog. We missed the renewal notification from the host company and I lost the web address. Thus, a re-birth of Krista's Paper Cafe is now found at www.KristasPaperCafe.US (caps added for emphasis). The top level domain (or part the part after the dot) is the only change. I appreciate if you will leave comments. I have to build up the Paper Cafe again. Please feel free to invite your friends. Thank you for coming . . . back!

Do you celebrate Halloween? Our family does. We try to stay away from the creepy stuff. But now I have 2 teenage boys and they think it's all about the creepy!! I still side on the cute stuff! The crafts I have today are all too cute to spook!

The Peeking Crow is a cut file from KaDoodle Bug Designs. He measures 5" tall by almost 4" wide. It has been a long time since I did paper piecing. I love it! It is so fun. I layer the pieces by adding an extra piece of card stock behind some of the pieces to give more dimension. Nice. You can use this little guy on a scrapbook layout, a card, or stand alone.

Peeking Crow

I have made just a few cards. The digi stamps all come from Bugaboo Digi Stamps. I think you will like how I use a selection of kids dressing up for a Halloween Costume theme. Hopefully I inspire you to use your digis in a different way. I'm still just playing with digis. So, I just used colored pencils or watercolor pencils. I used the pumpkin from the above cut file to add a bit more to the scenes. All 3 of the cards measure 6" tall by 4.5" wide.

Stink Pie or Cutie Pie?

Heroes Come In All Sizes

Little Princess

However you choose to celebrate, I hope you have fun. Especially if you have little ones in your life.

Here I am showing you a view of each from the side to highlight the layers.



Super Hero