Actually, these welcome cards are for the new teachers in our building. I was asked to make cards again this year. It was fun to play. Some of the digi's were created by me! Some are from The Cutting Cafe All About School Digi, All About School file.

Digi & Cut Files by Krista

Digi by Krista

Digi & Cut Files by Krista

Digi & Cut Files by Krista

Digi & Cut Files by Krista

Sentiment/Notepaper by Krista
Apple, Owl by The Cutting Cafe

Digi and Sentiment by The Cutting Cafe

Digis by The Cutting Cafe

I was busy sippin' the summer away and forgot to complete my assignment for made with love (and paper). June's challenge was refreshing: Pink Lemonade: How does the thought of pink lemonade inspire you? Requirements: pink, yellow, polka dots. Follow this link to see the creations of the other team members.

I thought that a fresh menu for the summer months was in order. This is a simple design. I started with the days of the week. I used my Pazzles InVue software to design my creation, as well as to print & cut the days. Note in the photo below, the "L" shaped marking at the top right of the cut mat. This is the Registration Mark that Pazzles uses for cutting. With Pazzles I can register the black text for the days as Print Only and the pink outline of the arrows as Cut Only. First I printed, right from the Pazzles software! Then I placed that printout on my Print & Cut mat for Pazzles and cut out the arrows. It's quite click.

Screenshot of Pazzles Software at Work

Loaded & Ready To Cut

Days Are Perfectly Cut

To make this Menu Board reusable, I had to come up with a way to write and erase the daily meals. Did you know that you can write and erase on packing tape?! Yes, you can! As long as you use a dry erase marker. I recommend using packing tape that is wider then the cardstock strips, allowing for a little play in placement.

Prepping the Tape

I cut the strips for each day of the week and then covered them with the packing tape. I used the paper cutter to trim the excess tape. I placed the days of the week on top of the tape. (You could cover the days with tape as well.)

The finished Menu Board is 12" by 15.5". Here's a tip: the background cardstock comes as a 12" by 12" cut and one piece was too "short" for my planned menu. I adhered an additional piece of cardstock with the seam behind one of the days (Wednesday). This allows me to hide the seam. Clever.

Ready to Plan the Week's Meals

Now we are ready to plan summer meals in style!

Shot of the banner and the menu in use:

A Welcoming Banner

Come & Get It!

I am celebrating along with a few young people on their commencements. They have worked hard to earn their degrees. I am very proud of them.

Here is the graduation card that I made for this year. The card pops up, facing the receiver.

Front View

Side View

My God son finished high school this year! I made this banner for his graduation party. A number of his hobbies are represented on some of the pennants.

Congrats Grad

I recently used the same recipe to make cards for a number of different occasions. This card cut is called a collar card. If you rotate the card to the left, it looks like the collar on a shirt. You'll even see cards that are made to look like shirts! There is another name for it, but I cannot think what it is. I chose place the sentiment on the top or bottom. You can also place the sentiment in the opening of the collar and that looks nice too. This card design is fun for playing around.

Playing with some ideas I saw on the internet.
Enjoy time with your mom or fond memories of your mom.

Not Happy With This One

So Pretty

Side View

Twisted Easel

Top View

Twisted Easel

Top View

Ha! That's our theme this March for made with love (and paper). Rachelle invited us to search the internet inserting the word mint in the search engine and use whatever comes up as our inspiration! Follow the link to see the creations of the other team members.

I came across that plate above and was mintspired!

Now, when one begins to look through her paper stash for just the right color of mint, it doesn't take long before all shades of green begin to look the same! And, who knows what colors will appear between your monitor and mine. But let's move forward.

The zig zags on the plate brought an image of an umbrella to my mind. I'm also very hopeful that spring is indeed, just around the corner! I had previously created an umbrella cut file with my Pazzles software. I decided to change it up just a bit. I wanted the umbrella to pop -- or be 3D. I added tabs to the top of the umbrella, making the top edge a perforation so that I can fold the umbrella. All this with the amazing software of Paz! I made a smaller, second layer of the umbrella with the outline/inline feature, making it just a hair smaller. This piece is placed "inside" the umbrella on top of the tabs.


Cut Pieces for Umbrella

The next step is to place the "popped up" umbrella on the card front, carefully aligning it with the inside umbrella piece so that the two line up.

"Popping" the Umbrella

Inside of Umbrella Inserted

I carried the green color palette through with the background and digi stamp (that I created in Adboe Illustrator). A little embellishing here, a few rain drops there . . . And soon the April Showers will bring May Flowers! My finished card is a 6 inch square. I am really stoked with how this one turned out.


No Bunny LOVES you like JESUS!

Easter Blessings to you and yours. My favorite time of the year! A time to remember the greatest gift of love. A sacrifice of a father and a son for their people. Praise & Glory to God!!

I am presenting a photo blog of Easter treasures. Enjoy.

Religious Card

Sparkly Bunnies Card


Chick Sucker Treat

Rabbit & Chick Sucker Treat

Bunny Box

side view

Here are some cards that I made recently.

First I will share a few Valentine's Cards that I made.

This is my favorite! The pears are made from a Spellbinders' metal die. I made it as a shaker card and the seeds shake around! I love it! It turned out great and it was hard to give away!

A Perfect Pear


This idea came from Desert Diva. It's a shaker card. The blender is from Apex Cuttable Design.

Shaker Blender

Side View

Another shaker card using a camera. I designed the cut file myself using my Pazzles' software.



Now let's switch ideas. I saw this on the web and replicated the idea by using the Pazzles. These are so stinkin' cute. Next time, I will make the chicks a bit smaller.

Here A Chick

There A Chick


A Chick Chick!

Time again to play with made with love (and paper). Our February theme is True Love. We are challenged to create our project in monochrome (different shades of one color). Please follow the link to see other creations by the team.

True love does not have to be romantic love. What greater bond is there between a mother and her baby? A popular poem is circulating the internet that speaks to this. It is by Kristen Proby from one of her novels. I have chosen to use it in my creation this month.

I am using the monochrome color palette of pink. I cut my pieces from a floral pattern piece of cardstock, so the pieces are multi colored within the range of the palette. My base paper, with the poem, is cream.

I used Adobe Illustrator to set the poem to text. AI is an easy program to learn and is helpful for those of us who can't write fancifully. (Is that a word?) That was the piece of my creation that took the longest. I'm a perfectionist. I used my Pazzles to cut out the butterflies. This butterfly is one that I created a long time ago using my Pazzles' software. You can see that I cut the butterfly in two sizes. I cut twice as many butterflies as I needed so that I could make a dimensional, contrasting color to the edge of the wings. (I only wanted the edges and that is why I did not cut butterflies slightly bigger.)


I put the final piece in a shadow box, measuring 8 inches square. Very sweet. I am well-pleased with the final result.


Side View

Here is the artwork with the shadow box. It appears white in the photo.

Artwork withOUT Shadow Box

Time again to play with made with love (and paper). Our January theme is Winter Wonderland and the requirements are texture and sparkle. Follow the link to see other creations by the team.

The January Theme is perfect timing for us MinneSNOWtans. We just had quite the dumping of snow! More then we have had all winter combined so far. We received 8 inches (or more) in the Minneapple. However, after you shovel it can be 3 feet or more in places. We are running out of room to pile the stuff!! With the snow comes the perfect setting for a Winter Wonderland.

My background paper is a digital scrapbook paper called Snowflaked by SaviByDesign. I love it!! This Snowflaked paper is perfect. I could not find a paper in a brick and mortar store. I downloaded the jpg files and opened them in Photoshop. I recolored the digital image to match my vision. The artist gives permission to do so. This is the first time I have used digital scrapbook paper. I want you to note, with SaviByDesign, the original image does measure 12 x 12 inches. However, my printer does not print edge to edge. You will see a white border around each page. I think that is fine.

I am using the challenge, and a hint from our Minnesota weather, to create a scrapbook page. I used my Pazzles' software to create my two-page spread.

The titles were cut in both white and silver cardstock. I used a strip of the silver behind picture mats on both pages. I used a Core'dinations' white Gemstones cardstock for the mats, as well as the snowflakes. The gemstones stock is shimmering, giving it a natural sparkle.

I added more sparkle to the project dabbing glitter glue on the snowflakes and some flower petals. The texture piece of the challenge comes in to play on the snowflakes, as the Core' Gemstones paper mimics a textured linen. See the pretty silver flowers? They are a sticker collection that I had in my stash. They add a nice sparkle and dimension (or texture) as well. Do note the various layers & lifts created with the snowflakes and other embellishments.

Lastly, I give out a shout to my Minnesota friends who ventured out after the snowstorm to capture the wonder of it all in some beautiful photos. With permission, I lifted the photos from their facebook pages. Thank you Ela, KC, Steve, and Sherri. I printed these photos on white cardstock, so they didn't come out the best. But the photos are on the scrapbook layout to give you an idea of the completed page. On that note, I do have the page available for sale (with out the pictures). Contact me if you are interested in purchasing it.

I hope that where ever you are, you are blessed by the beauty that comes through a Winter Wonderland.

Full Spread

Left Page

Right Page

With Photos