Back to School . . . Please!

August 22, 2011

How about your kids? Mine are going stir crazy over here! Our first day of school is Tuesday September 6th. Yep, that's right AFTER Labor Day. And that is only for the 2nd and 8th grader. The in-coming Kindergartner starts two days later. What is a mom to do? Summer break is three weeks too long. Activities (park, sports, etc) are finished for the summer. The pools close this weekend. And Mom is tired of entertaining kids and breaking up fights. (Can you tell that this mom is anxious to send her kids off to school? I admit it. I love them, but I need quiet.)

I am on top of things this year tho. School supplies are purchased. Uniforms are set. Forms are filled out. Immunizations have occurred. And Back-to-School cards are made.

This year I made each of my kids a large tag to start their school year. We do have uniforms at our school, so I incorporated that aspect. Boys wear blue (or white) shirts and kacki's. Girls have the option of plaid jumpers or skirts with blue or white top. I am using bears from Little Scraps of heaven Designs. My printer ran our of ink or I would have typed out the sentiments. (Or I could learn how to use the print and cut on my Pazzles cutter.) Here I share the tags and a little bit about my darling kids.

First my daughter. For her tag, I chose to stay true to the uniform. I think it's cute. But the eighth grader will surely add her own touch of style with any accessories she can get away with. I created the book stack and apple myself.

My second grader does not say much about school other then that his favorite part is "going home." He does well in school but would prefer to play all day instead. I drew up the pencil myself.

OK little one. Your turn. The five year old talks non-stop. He is like a sportscaster, giving me a play-by-play of the day. How is he going to make it through school? He is going to half day, afternoon Kindergarten. As much as he does talk, we can't get out of him if he is looking forward to school? I created the cut file for the backpack myself.

Is it the first day of school yet? Oh, the kids are still here? Well then, duty calls . . . .

I am linking this up to Patches of Pink and Craft-O-Maniac .

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  1. Hi thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment so sweet 🙂 I love the tags so cute and a great idea for back to school. School started here in our area today Monday. We used to start in Sept when I was a kid now they go sooner and sooner each

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