Wow! It has been a long summer. I hurt my back very badly in May. That totally changed our summer plans. I think not only am I ready, but the kids are ready to go back to school. Then they can see more of their friends and, even thought it is indeed school, they will have plenty to keep them busy.

My kids start on September 3 this year. So I have a little time to consider how to announce the first day. Last year I used a home made chalk board (see picture). I may just use that again. It can show how the kids are growing over the years. You can make one of these too. Easy-peasey. I used chalk board paint on cardboard.

Super Dad

Last Year's Photo

Today we do start our countdown. 10 . . . 9 . . . 8 . . . I made this balloon caterpillar to countdown the days. At the end of each day we will pop one balloon, starting at the tail end. We will not pop the head. I thought it would be nice to end with a smiling face! (which is hard to see in the photo)

Isn't He Fun?!

Isn't He Fun?!

The day that my kids do return to school I will gift them with this fun bubble gum pencil! Another darling idea this year! The pencils with the darker, square gum are for my kids. We try to "stick" with Glee Gum. No chemicals and such. I made my own pattern for these pencils using my Pazzles' Inspiration Personal Cutter. I was surprised at how quickly they went together! The tubes are actually called "bubble gum tubes" and are plastic. I used 8" long with a 1" diamter. My first time using gum ball tubes! You can fill your pencils with anything you like.

I will show you the completed pencils first and then the steps I used to create them. I hope your family has a good start to the school year. I look forward to my house being quiet and empty. Thank you for checking my post.

For Friends

For Friends

For My Kiddos

For My Kiddos

Demonstrating the Size. I used 8" Tubes.

Demonstrating the Size.
I used 8" Tubes.

Photos of the process . . . .

Pencil Points

Pencil Points

Getting There . . .

Getting There . . .

Eraser Tops

Eraser Tops

Filling the Tubes

Filling the Tubes

Now you may not know that I recently moved my craft room to the basement in our house. This was to be able to give each of the cave boys their own room. So, that coupled with having to entertain (and break up fights) the boys all summer, the crafting has been delayed. All my "stuff" is askew. So the first day back to school will require a bit of cleaning, and then . . . . then, crafting!

I went from this (which in itself was a bit of a mess--but so cushy)

To this:

Back to School
All around us kids are slowly trickling back to school. My daughter started her freshman year in high school about two weeks ago. Today,however, is a glorious day! The cave boys finally start school today. I did not know they had such a late start among all the schools!
Here are photos of the cards that I made for my kids as they go back to school. (sorry for the photo quality)

For My Daughter

For the 3rd Grader. (He hates school.)

For the First Grader

These are the things he likes about school.

And we had a little fun to commemorate each of their start days. This is an idea that I saw from my new facebook friend, Tanya Stilwell. (She said she saw it on Pintrest.) My kids are holding a "chalk board" that I made out of cardboard and chalk board paint. We are going to do this every year. I love the chalk board idea as well as recording their current dream!! Thanks Tanya!

The Artist

The Boss

Super Dad

I have a few other young friends in my life that have also gone back to school. I made this card for them. I saw the main idea on the internet and had to make it! It is my first o-FISH-al print and cut that I designed with my Pazzles machine. I have a lot to learn, but this was an easy start. Each card has one fish raised with foam dots. Each card was accompanied by a small bag of goldfish crackers.

a sneak peek

Finally, I want to bring to your attention (in case you missed it) a school bus mini album that I made in June. I would love for you to visit the link to see the completed project. It is a cut file from Creative Kuts and was a challenge.

And now, this mom is going to craft her heart out. So glad for back to school!!



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Today I am going to dress up the wall and you for the 50s Rock N Roll Party. First YOU need a party hat! The hat with the polka dots is your you girls and the plaid hats are for the boys.

girl's party hat

boy's party hat

Here's a little something for the wall--so you know that you are at the right birthday party. The banner is replicating records. Is that fun?! And be sure to look cosely at the center piece. Such fun detail.

full wall banner

detail of center piece of banner

close up of banner

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I so love to spread the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus!

My god son is receiving his first communion soon. He is in 5th grade. Here is a first communion card that I made. It is for a boy--that's double hard to create.

I used a "plastic" card with scripture and scene. Put it on cardstock and embellished it. I did adhere the card, but you could use removable tape so that the little card can be used as a bookmark in a Bible.

Another idea for inspiring others is to use "Pass It On" message cards. They are the size of a business card. The idea is to actually pass the card from one person to a next. In the fashion of using on a card you can make slits in the card so that it can be removed and tucked in a pocket or purse!

Today is Cupcake Day!! We're serving up these yummies until Sunday Midnight. C'mon now. I want to see good manners. Share with your friends.
If you arrived here from KAndrew Designs/Getting Cricky blog you are on the right track. To start the hop at the beginning go to Hello, Cupcake Hop.

What a better way to spend a cold winter day then hoppin' along checking out all the Recipes for Cupcakes! We hope you find one that suits your fancy! The theme "Cupcake" was our only parameter! Got Milk?! Or your latte? Here we go . . . .

Here is what is on the menu for today: Cupcakes!!

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I had a lot of fun with this blog hop theme--Hello, Cupcake! I use a Pazzles Inspiration personal paper cutter. It comes with it's own software. You can design your own creations from the start. So if you like to be original, Pazzles is the machine for you! I am still quite new at it. Maybe six short months. So there is a lot I have yet to learn to do with this mighty machine. Pazzles does have quite the learning curve, but it is so worth it as it allows me to be original.

Making cupcakes is pretty easy. I decided to take the theme and the techniques I have learned so far to make a Cupcake Birthday Party Kit. Although the main pieces are not original ideas, I "drew" each piece from scratch in Pazzles. (They are patterns that I created, not files or tracings from others. That would be wrong.) However, I think you'll find a couple totally original pieces: the Treat Box and the Game Piece. I am happy with how all pieces turned out (or I wouldn't show you). I hope you enjoy this "Cupcake Birthday Party Kit." I am offering to sell the cut file. As I write this, the file is a WPC file. This is what Pazzles uses. However, I am working on converting it to SVG. Please let me know if you have questions or suggestions on the file development and/or attainment.

Because there are a number of pieces in the Kit and thus quite a few pictures. I think a video will make viewing more enjoyable. However, if you would like to see still photos of the Party Kit, go to my fan page on facebook. If you like what you see while you are there, I ask you to "like" my page.

Without further ado, I present the "Hello Cupcake! Video." I love the song! And I sure hope that you do not get distracted by my adorable assistant! I know he takes the cake, but please try to stay focused on the subject matter!

Blog Candy--Set of 4 Cards

Now we must have cupcakes. My blog candy will include a set of 4 Cupcake Birthday Cards similar to the ones pictured here. The file comes from The Cutting Cafe. Love the Cutting Cafe!! To be eligible for the parting gift, become a follower of Krista's Paper Cafe and leave a comment on this post. For this hop's blog candy--I'll ship anywhere!! I have some regular fans outside of America who are very dear to me!! (Be sure I can contact you.) I will draw the winner Monday.

Thank you for coming to the "Hello, Cupcake!" blog hop. I have been having a good time hopping. Now I am craving cupcakes!! Your next stop is with Liz at Skittles and Scrapbooks. Have a fun day!!

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