This January the Tag Team's Forum* challenge for Creative Paper Artists revolves around witner fun! A theme was not assigned, just the elements: ice skates, glittered snow, embossing, mittens and ribbon. I think our captain chose these elements because she knew it would speak right to me!! Thanks, Dee.

Here's my (more…)

I live in Minneapolis, MinneSNOWta. We have had a ton of snow. One weekend 16 inches was "dumped" on us. Hard to believe that at 4 am on a Monday morning, the Public Schools were declared closed. Can't remember in my adult life the last time that happened! The City conceded to the public. The City's stance was that the BIG school buses could not get through the snow-packed streets. Then the schools were closed the next day as there was yet a long way to go with the snow removal! Over the following two weeks, we have received over 10 more inches of snow! Our City declared 3 rounds of Plowing in a row. (Plowing is called a "Snow Emergency." I'll say!) We had so much snow that sometimes the plows got stuck! (These are the big grader plows, not the dump trucks with a blade on the front.)

I have to say that it has been fun to hear about the snowfall amounts around the US. They have been a surprise to some of you. Some welcomed, some not. It is sometimes funny to hear how your snowfall has "shut things down." In Minnesota, we are used to the snow. But this time, we were all glad that the Schools were closed.

For our second December tag challenge at Creative Paper Artist, Dee said we could do anything winter. You may have figured out by now that I have a strange sense of humor. And I have to be "different." When the only stipulation is winter, there are so many "everyday" choices. I thought really hard on this . . . Had to break the "mold." I actually came up with two tags for this challenge.

The first tag is a reflection of the "snow story" I relayed above. It took the city a long time to get the snow all cleaned up. Especially when it continued to snow quite a bit every few days. A great big thanks to the hard-working staff that cleared our streets. I guess you could say that this tag is an homage to them!

First off, the Creatvie Team that I am on has a new name and look. We are now called Creative Paper Artists.

My first tag challenge for December is to create a hang tag that reflects a Vintage Christmas, using glittered snow, a poinsettia flower, some form of metal and a ribbon.
So, I knew right away what I was going to do . . . I turned my "tag" into a Christmas Ornament--a VINTAGE ornament.

I used shimmery paper for the ornament and a cream paper with a sheen for the poinsettia. You need to look closely at the poinsettia to see the "glittery snow."

I am happy with this. I think I will make a few to sell at the Paper Cafe.

I am still very new at paper crafting. I am learning how to use my supplies and tools. I have noted that when I cut foil paper on my Pazzles that I need to reverse the paper to get a clean edge (without a sloppy white border). (You can see that on the red edge of the ornament.)

My first November Hang Tag challenge for More Paper Than Shoes revolves around an autumn theme. The tag is to include leaves and I am to use foil and metal. It sounded so easy. But, my brain was stuck. I think my problem was that I had just created a tag for another MPTS challenge and that tag included similar elements.
I needed inspiration. So I went to the thrift store. (I love thrift stores. A thrift store is almost as good as a craft store!)

I found that metal garland. Bonus . . . it has leaves and pumpkins. Something good could come of it.

OK. I cheated. I was stuck on that other leaf tag I had made. I really liked it. So, I borrowed my own idea.

Have you stopped to enjoy God's latest handiwork? God has been busy creating new crafts for us to enjoy! The leaves and plants are turning the beautiful shades of fall. How can one resist the inspiration to craft?! Here is my entry for the More Paper Than Shoes Mid-Month Challenge for October.

I have made a tag because I am on the Tag Team for MPTS. The cherries came from my neighbor's cherry blossom tree. For some reason they went orange this fall--but Love the Colors! The broach is TRULY vintage. It was my Grandmother's and she passed away in 1998 at age 99 1/2!!  (Thus, it is not for sale! And on a side note, my Grandma was a classy woman. She had many broaches including some pretty fancy WWI Auxiliary Ladies Aid broaches!)
Our Challenge is to create a project using these guidelines:
Theme: Nature- Great for fall! Leaves, flowers, etc!
Supplies: "piece" of the outdoors (like a pressed leaf or flower, twig, etc) and a vintage button/broach

*Just in case you are interested, the photo at the top of the blog entry is of my grandma's auxiliary pins.)

I have been invited to join an online Creative Team. We focus on paper creations. The Team is called More Paper Than Shoes.
I am on the Hang Tag team. Each month we are challenged to create a project (in this case, a tag) with a set of given parameters. We can also participate in the overall monthly challenge (and you can too).

This month's challenge is Scary Halloween. The piece is to include these features: No orange or yellow; Supplies: glitter and ribbon; Embellishment: hand made flower; Technique: embossing; Surface: tag.

This is my inaugural piece for More Paper Than Shoes. I am very happy with this tag.
We really do not do scary halloween in our family, but this just came to me. The handmade flower is on the "janitor's" hat. Probably the world's smallest spiral flower--a blood red rose! I was extra excited to find that I had a white stamp pad to use for the spider web!

Happy Halloween!