I'm not sure what it's called, but it is a popular shape circulating the crafting world. I call it a "swirly scribble flower." I think it is mostly available as a metal die. But I said to myself, "Self, you can do this up in Pazzles' software!" And I did! I have made 3 variations of this swirl. It is so fun to play around with and create a huge variety of designs. You can use the swirl as all one size, or mix it up be re-sizing to multiple sizes. You can even squish it in Pazzles. Something you can't do with a metal die! And bonus, I am sharing it as a free file (see end of post). You'll see that it also includes the solid cut and both an inline and outline of the cut. This adds to the variety of creations. Please do not share the file. Please direct crafters to this original blog post. (Please note my copyright restrictions listed within the file.)

I am using the cut as a flower. Certainly, you can do other things with it. Use it a wreath, a nest, tree top, or stand alone. Let's see what I have come up with . . . .

The leaves on this card are from a metal die cut.

The "hello" that I have added below is a metal die cut. The leaves are from the built in image gallery in the Pazzles software. In these two cards, you can see how I played with size for the swirls, as well as Paz's leaf.

The leaves on this card are the same leaf as above, however, by un-grouping the image, I removed the inner cut lines to create a solid leaf. I designed the text with Adobe Illustrator. I print first, then adhere the cuts.

The below card is dressed up with a strip of embossed paper and again, the text is designed in Illustrator.

In the cards following, you'll see how I used the shadows and full shape behind the swirls. I love how the pink card turned out!

And one final card . . .

I can't wait to make more! Will you join me?!

Here is the Free Cut File:
Swirly Flower SVG
Swirly Flower PVGC

I have seen this little box many places on the web. I knew I could create a pattern of my own with the help of my Pazzles Inspiration Cutter. This pattern is designed to fit the Hershey's Nugget Chocolates.

Here are links to get this free file from me. I am happy to share it with you. Please respect my copy rights of the pattern. For personal use only.
Click on the red box (Free Download) for the Candy Caddy for Pazzles InVue Software.
Free Download

SVG file for others--please contact me via the comments below. Leave your email address please. I am working on this option.

Here are the basics. Cut your two pieces: tray and decorative box. I used less pressure for the score (or kiss cut) lines. That way the pieces will fold nicely, but not separate. Adhere the tray corners.

Showing Tray Inside Decorative Box

Showing Tray Inside Decorative Box

Here are more photos of a finished box.




With the Tray Slid Partially Out

With the Tray Slid Partially Out

You can dress these up in a variety of ways and for so many occasions. I appreciate the flexibility. Here is a thank you treat I made for my mother. The Floppy Bear is from Little Scraps of Heaven and the Flower is from Pazzles.

Thank You

Thank You

View With Chocolates

View With Chocolates

Here is a fun, new design that is circulating the internet craft community. It is called a "Pop-Up Card Box." When the card lies closed (flat) it measures 6.5 inches square. Not sure how I would mail this card tho. Maybe in a bubble mailer.

Splitcoast Stampers has a tutorial here and a video tut here. Thus, I am not going to give you the instructions. The instructions are clearly presented. However, if you have a Pazzles, I can give you a WPC cut file so you can whip it out on your machine.

I have two WPC versions of the Cut File.
Pop Up Box Card KISS Cut Version
This File has the red lines to be cut as Kiss Cut lines (perforated) for making the folds.
Pop Up Box Card EMBOSS Version
This File has the red lines for making the folds. These lines are made using your embossing tool. I find it slick to use the embossing tool for scoring. You do not need to use the embossing mat. Place your cardstock on the cut mat. First emboss the red lines, then cut the black lines.

Another piece of advice I have, is that you might try decorating the inside "layers" before attaching them to the box. I have not tried that, but decorating the layers already attached was a challenge.

Enjoy the pictures and have fun making your Pop-Up Card Box.


front, open

front, open





back side

back side

top view

top view




back can be left blank for writing greeting

back can be left blank for writing greeting

closed flat

closed flat

Tip: if you use stickers, you can hide the stick by making a  back to the sticker

Tip: if you use stickers, you can hide the stick by making a back to the sticker

top view

top view

With February comes the Month-O-Love! And that is no different at made with love (and paper). Our design team always make love with paper!! Ha! I have a lot to share with you. (I am also spreading the love here by advertising some of my favorite craft suppliers.)

February is about Valentnes. We hope our projects inspire you to create some paper love for the people in your life.
theme: love is in the air
requirements: hearts, ink, decorative edging (from scissors, punches, die cuts, etc), and a sentiment

Happy Valentine's Day from Krista's Paper Cafe and made with love (and paper).

So first I made these pillow favor boxes. I designed the box cut file myself. Not only did I forget half the elements, I do not like how they turned out. I do adore the little buttons that I attached with a small safety pin. The button can be removed and worn on your shirt pocket. I purchased the darling, hand made buttons from Inna at OctoButton. Additionally, the digi sentiments are created by Regina at The Cutting Cafe and the Bee is a cut file from KaDoodle Bug Designs.

Pillow Favor Boxes

Pillow Favor Boxes

Look at these darling buttons--as well as the way that Inna packages them!

My second try brought me closer to the assignment of the month. I made Valentine cards that do not open--they are one-sided. The idea is that your postage is less. Plus I think cards that don't open are very smart. Otherwise, you have two wasted sides of the card. You can write your sentiment on the back. Traditional children's Vday cards are made that way. Some of these cards met the design team requirements, some not. But I did have a lot of fun making these. Again, the digi stamps are from The Cutting Cafe. I am exchanging these in swap at Karle's Passion paper crafting group.


IMG45854small IMG45856small
IMG45852small IMG45844small

Then, while I was at it and having so much fun, I made these adorable book marks or tags. I used The Cutting Cafe digis. I love the colors and how they turned out.

IMG45863small IMG45861small


Lastly, I drew up these heart lockets as well as the keys with my Pazzels software. I think I will put them to use on a card with other embellies. If you have a Pazzles and would like the WPC file for free, let me know. I hope you enjoyed all my Valentines.

Fall has arrived. Are you ready to get creative? I am! The cave boys and the princess have returned to school and the house is sooooo quiet.

Time for a new creation for the "made with love (and paper)" Design Team. made with love consists of a group of gals that love paper-crafting! Each month we challenge ourselves to complete projects with specific requirements. Please stop by and join us!! You are always welcome to submit your creations to the challenges.

This was supposed to be posted at the start of September. I have no excuse. You can still join us too.
theme: "autumn"
requirements: pumpkins & patchwork

I went simple this time. Pumpkins made of paper strips. Well, simple if you are just making a few pumpkins. I figured I would go ahead and make my table favors for Thanksgiving dinner. Hard to believe, but these "simple" pumpkins take time. I had in my mind for the longest time that the requirement of patchwork was to use plaid instead. So you will see a number of plaid pumpkins.

There are a number of recipes for making this type of pumpkin. But really, you can make the strips in any length, width and quantity that you choose to get the effect that you are looking for. So just go for it and have fun!

Although the pumpkins do take time to assemble and then spread out, they are fun to play with. So many variations and attractive ways to decorate them. You can use paper (as I did) for the tendrils--or ribbons, pipe cleaners, etc. I like the idea of using fewer strips and then filling the pumpkin with straw (as shown in the thumbnail).

Remember when these decorative edge scissors came out? They were my first investment in the craft world 15 years ago! I am glad I hung on to them.

These scissors work great to cut the paper strips with a little flair.

Choose papers and cut strips.

I chose to combine my strips with a brad. You could glue them. Punching a hole and using a brad allows for play in forming the pumpkin.

Punch a hole on both ends of each strips.

Add a brad to one end.

Add a brad to the other end.

Open strips to a circle by moving half of the strips to one side.

Fan out the strips . . .

. . . to form desired look.

Here is another view.

and another.

Next step is to decorate your crop of pumpkins. The really fun part!! I'm saving those pictures as a surprise!!

I redeemed myself in regard to the requirement of patchwork with a scarecrow. I used some of the pumpkins along with him to create a center piece. I did faux stitched the patches with a gel pen--but it is hard to see. I like how he turned out. The scarecrow is a cut file from My Time to Craft. He is just an outline, but I cut him into pieces to dress him up a bit. I am horrible at drawing faces. In fact, Mr. Scarecrow did have a face and indeed, he scared the crows away--as well as this crafter! So I re-cut his head and made him without a face. Still so cute! Do you like him?


Here is the finished creation. I love all the parts of it! Especially the scarecrow.

Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Here are a few extra photos. I am offering the apple cut file for free. Leave a comment with your email if you want the file and the version (wpc, svg, pdf).

Cool Top View!

Apples--to add contrast.

Have you seen these?! They are pretty cute.

These funny, flower faced bunnies are easily made with a punched or cut out flower. I used 4 flowers of two sizes about a half inch in difference. Stack the flowers and be sure to stagger the petals. You can choose to crease each petal or leave them flat. Next, simply adhere the face. Maybe put it on a stick or magnet! Ca-ute!!

I am offering you this cut file for free. The original idea is not mine.
If you follow me, you know that I have a Pazzles Personal Paper Cutter. So I did create the cut file with Pazzles software. That means I can only offer the file in the following formats. Just click your format to download. You may have to right click, save as.
Bunny Flower Face PDF
Bunny Flower Face WPC
Bunny Flower Face SVG
(I am pretty sure SVG format will work. If not, let me know. I am knew to converting.)

Purple Flower Face Bunny

Gray Funny Bunny w Eyebrows

Did you see these sweet bunny bottom tags on my Facebook Page? A few people asked for a tutorial. I hope I gave you enough time to make them yourself, if you choose.

If you follow me, you know that I have a Pazzles Personal Paper Cutter. So I did create the cut file with Pazzles software. That means I can only offer the file in the following formats. Just click your format to download. You may have to right click, save as.
SVG (I am pretty sure SVG format will work. If not, let me know. I am knew to converting.)

We are making this sweet Easter tag. Video Tutorial will follow picture.

Here is the tutorial in video format.

I am linking this up at Patches of Pink for their Spring Theme. Join us.

I had to have one last go at Christmas. There are so many wonderful Santa images about these days. Here is a Santa that I designed for this year. He is in the tradition of Vintage and has that fun, magical Moon shape.

I am offering you this cut file for free.
If you follow me, you know that I have a Pazzles Personal Paper Cutter. So I did create the cut file with Pazzles software. That means I can only offer the file in the following formats. Just click your format to download. You may have to right click, save as.
Santa Moon PDF
Santa Moon WPC
Santa Moon SVG
(I am pretty sure SVG format will work. If not, let me know. I am knew to converting.)

First I drew him with my Pazzles software.

I cut him out . . . I chose to draw the eye as the cut would be pretty tiny.

And pieced Santa on to a card . . . If you click on each Santa below, you will see that I added sparkle to his beard.

If you own a Pazzles and would like a copy of this Santa Moon cut file, leave a note in the comments with your email.