We are having a great time at The Cutting Cafe. We are Super Sizing everything and anything we can get our hands on!! Please hop over to this post to see the other team members' designs.

I blew up the Cupcake file to be used as a variation of "pin the tail on the donkey." Don't you love it?!!

I wanted to make the cupcake as large as my Pazzles Personal Cutter's software would allow. To get the maximum size, I first turned the frosting on it's side. I enlarged all the pieces at one time until the frosting AND the bottom of the cupcake were as big as they could be within the border of the 12 inch square mat. Thus, part of the frosting that is connected to the cupcake bottom, fell off the boundaries of the mat. That's ok as the lone frosting piece will overlap the missing parts of the upper portion of the cupcake bottom piece, making for a complete cupcake. Does that make sense? Take a look at this image:

Laying Out the Pieces

Laying Out the Pieces

In the above picture, you can see the original cupcake pattern in the lower corner. The original measures 7 by 4.5 inches.

Assembling all the pieces provides a large cupcake for pinning a cherry on top!

Cupcake Without Cherry

Cupcake Without Cherry

"I Can't See!"

"I Can't See!"

Regular and Super Size

Regular and Super Size

Today is Day 3 of Polka Dotted Bliss' Cute & Spooky Birthday Blog Hop. Welcome to Krista's Paper Cafe! I am helping my scrappy friend Kimberly celebrate the 1-year Birthday of her Etsy Shop, Polka Dotted Bliss.
Kimberly has a spookalicious line-up of talented girls sharing polka-dot Halloween creations all week long on her blog! AND, she's giving away some blog candy each and every day this week. So make sure you stop in all this week, catch some inspiration and enter the giveaways! Scroll to the end of this post to see the goodies that both Kimberly and I are giving away today. To enter the giveaways, leave a comment here on my post AND head on over to Kimberly's blog here for a chance to win. **Giveaways Open to US residents only.


If you want to follow along each day this week, first visit Kimberly's blog and then check her guest's blog for the day.
Day 1 Sunday, October 20 - Created by DonnaK
Day 2 Monday, October 21 - Karen's Crafty Creations
Day 3 Tuesday, October 22 - Krista's Paper Cafe (you are here)
Day 4 Wednesday, October 23 - Little HoneyBee Studios
Day 5 Thursday, October 24 - Scrap Your World
Day 6 Friday, October 25 - WhimsyPics
Day 7 Saturday, October 26 - Polka Dotted Bliss (PDB)

Let's play! Be sure to keep your eyes open for Kimberly's polka dots! She is crazy about polka dots! I made two teacups for you to enjoy your Halloween tea as you hop with us. I started with a cut file pattern from Pazzles for my Pazzles Inspirational Personal Paper Cutter. I did alter the original pattern to fit a style that I like. I added a saucer to the first cup. I also created a different handle.

I cut the base of the cup from shimmering black cardstock.

Base of Cup in Black

Base of Cup in Black

Because the way the cup is assembled, the inside is quite crude. I cut a second pass of the cup base from patterned paper. I reversed the folds so that the pattern side of the paper is on the inside and adhered it to the inside of the black base cup. I inked the top edge of the inside piece with black so that it would "blend" better. It was a tight squeeze. (I should play around with it and cut the inside a tad smaller.)

Inside "Lining" of Cup

Inside "Lining" of Cup

Next I chose to decorate the outside panels of the teacup with coordinating colors. I also inked those edges as the base paper is white. I do not like seeing that white edge.

Decorative Panels

Decorative Panels

Here she is! Beautiful!

Stunning Colors

Stunning Colors

A side view to show off the colors.

Fun stripes, purple, and spiders. Oh My!

Fun stripes, spiders and purple!

Now lets have a little fun! Of course I had Kimberly in mind when I designed the second tea cup! It's sWTICHy! But after all, Kimberly is a stylin' witch!
My Pazzles cutter tore the paper as it cut, but I think it adds to the decoration! I did not have to cut a inside for this cup as I used tissue paper to create the effect of a boiling cauldron!

hee hee!

A Spell Gone Awry!!

She is in there somewhere!

She is in there somewhere!

My Etsy Shop has been stocked with a fresh selection of items for Halloween and Fall. Come on in to Krista's Paper Cafe and have a look. If yoou do not see what you are looking for--or you want some Halloween Tea Cups--let me know!

Trick or Treat Time! Two Chances to Win!
Enjoy your afternoon tea and please leave a comment on my blog and Kimberly's blog for a chance to win one of these Halloween Treats!

Treats from Polka Dotted Bliss

Holiday Paper Stack from Polka Dotted Bliss

Treats from Krista's Paper Cafe

Stampin' Up Stamps from Krista's Paper Cafe

Happy Valentine's Day again from Krista's Paper Cafe. I came up with this one more idea and want to share it with you. I think these would be fun for your kids to give to classmates. You could assemble the critters and they could design the pockets!!

I designed the pocket cut file myself. Easy enough--you can do it too. Adding faux stitching with a gel pen helps get the point across that this is a pocket. The Bee is a cut file from KaDoodle Bug Designs and the other animals are from Treasure Box Designs.

Do you like the sayings? I know you have heard them before. But kids will laugh!

The critters are removable. They could be used as book marks or add a magnet to the back.

For more Valentine Ideas see my previous post here.

I do appreciate your comment and I read every one of them! Thank you.

KaDoodle Bug Design

KaDoodle Bug Design

Bee Mine!

Bee Mine!

Treasure Box Designs

Treasure Box Designs

I'm Not  Lion. You're Grrr-eat!

I'm Not Lion. You're Grrr-eat!

Treasure Box Designs

Treasure Box Designs

Valentine, You're Purr-fect!

Valentine, You're Purr-fect!

Treasure Box Designs

Treasure Box Designs

Stop Monkeying Around!

Stop Monkeying Around!

Now you may not know that I recently moved my craft room to the basement in our house. This was to be able to give each of the cave boys their own room. So, that coupled with having to entertain (and break up fights) the boys all summer, the crafting has been delayed. All my "stuff" is askew. So the first day back to school will require a bit of cleaning, and then . . . . then, crafting!

I went from this (which in itself was a bit of a mess--but so cushy)

To this:

Back to School
All around us kids are slowly trickling back to school. My daughter started her freshman year in high school about two weeks ago. Today,however, is a glorious day! The cave boys finally start school today. I did not know they had such a late start among all the schools!
Here are photos of the cards that I made for my kids as they go back to school. (sorry for the photo quality)

For My Daughter

For the 3rd Grader. (He hates school.)

For the First Grader

These are the things he likes about school.

And we had a little fun to commemorate each of their start days. This is an idea that I saw from my new facebook friend, Tanya Stilwell. (She said she saw it on Pintrest.) My kids are holding a "chalk board" that I made out of cardboard and chalk board paint. We are going to do this every year. I love the chalk board idea as well as recording their current dream!! Thanks Tanya!

The Artist

The Boss

Super Dad

I have a few other young friends in my life that have also gone back to school. I made this card for them. I saw the main idea on the internet and had to make it! It is my first o-FISH-al print and cut that I designed with my Pazzles machine. I have a lot to learn, but this was an easy start. Each card has one fish raised with foam dots. Each card was accompanied by a small bag of goldfish crackers.

a sneak peek

Finally, I want to bring to your attention (in case you missed it) a school bus mini album that I made in June. I would love for you to visit the link to see the completed project. It is a cut file from Creative Kuts and was a challenge.

And now, this mom is going to craft her heart out. So glad for back to school!!


Have you seen these?! They are pretty cute.

These funny, flower faced bunnies are easily made with a punched or cut out flower. I used 4 flowers of two sizes about a half inch in difference. Stack the flowers and be sure to stagger the petals. You can choose to crease each petal or leave them flat. Next, simply adhere the face. Maybe put it on a stick or magnet! Ca-ute!!

I am offering you this cut file for free. The original idea is not mine.
If you follow me, you know that I have a Pazzles Personal Paper Cutter. So I did create the cut file with Pazzles software. That means I can only offer the file in the following formats. Just click your format to download. You may have to right click, save as.
Bunny Flower Face PDF
Bunny Flower Face WPC
Bunny Flower Face SVG
(I am pretty sure SVG format will work. If not, let me know. I am knew to converting.)

Purple Flower Face Bunny

Gray Funny Bunny w Eyebrows

This Post Is Dedicated to My Dear Friend, Karle.

One of the latest crazes in paper crafting is Action Wobbles(c). This is small plastic spring attached to adhesive paper on both ends. The idea is to put a little spring in your creations. See this post of a card I made when Wobbles first introuced to the craft world.

Yes, they are fantastic! So fantastic that the company that makes Wobbles cannot keep up with demand. When they first came out I also thought they were fantastic! But I am thrifty and I am also quite careful about what I take out of and put back in to the earth. I do not care for waste or products that do not decompose.

My friend Karle made a card with a Penguin on it. I suggested that she add a Wobble. She has one Wobble to her name. I asked her if she knew how to make a paper spring. She did not and I cannot just hop in my car. Chicago is close to Minneapolis, but not that close. I need to be here when my kids get home from school.

In the first grade I learned how to make my own paper spring. You simply fold a strip of paper back and forth to give it the spring effect. In fact, I learned two methods. I put together a still photo tutorial. I hope you can catch what I am doing. Maybe I'll have to video it live. Let me know. You know I love this because it is kid friendly. Remember, I learned this in the first grade (37 years ago).

First, the easier version. You want a strip of paper that is wide enough to support your object, but narrow enough to hide behind it. This version can be flimsy--depending on what you are attaching it to.

Start With a Narrow Strip of Paper/Cardstock

Fold Strip Back-n-Forth (like making a paper fan)

Adhere to Object and Base (card, scrap page, etc.)

Now the version that is a bit trickier. However, it is much more sturdy and may be a tad more springy! Start with two strips of paper. Again, you want strips of paper that will make a finished spring that is wide enough to support your object, but narrow enough to hide behind it. (Scroll to the bottom so you know what you want to end up with.)

Begin with 2 Strips of Paper

Adhere the End of One Strip to the Other Forming a Square Corner

Fold Strip on Right Across to the Left, Crease

Fold Strip on Bottom Across to the Top, Crease

Fold Strip on Left Back Across to the Right, Crease

Fold Strip on Top Back Across to the Bottom, Crease

At this point, you will have a column. When you let go, it will pop open a bit.

Spring Stretched Out

Adhere Spring to Object and Base


Do you agree that dogs love everybody? They are very welcoming and accepting. Oh, and they LOVE attention. Today my dog is so well-loved that he is in two shows hops. (Read carefully at the end to know where to go next.)

If you are a good tracker, you'll be able to follow this trail.
If you are on the trail of The Dog Gone Fun blog hopp, welcome back for day two. You should have arrived from LadyLuvBug. If not, head to Haidee's created2Bunique to start at the beginning.

If you are here for The Upcycle blog hop a warm and juicy welcome as well. I am very interested in re-using/re-purposing. I love to help the earth in that way. I so enjoy thrift stores, garage sales and the like. I am not much of an upcycler in the sense of crafting, but the "shopping" gives me ideas. I am not an artist, but many things can be re-purposed for paper crafting as well. Our top scavenger is Tanya from Scrappy Scavenger. Tanya's blog is where the the upcycling starts. However, if you arrived from Creativity is Only a State of Mind with Brenda, you are on the right path.

First I have to tell you about my great thrift store finds that I am using for this hop. I found a sweet little pup that is just a bit outdated. (I really wanted to use an old, old ceramic dog. But No luck.) Next I needed a book that I could cut up. I wasn't sure which direction I was headed with my paper plan. I let the bookshelves be my guide! I found a book that had thicker, glossy pages. Perfect for what I had loosely planned. Even better, the pages were blank and white on one side. As I discovered that, I knew exactly where my creation was headed.

Here's the best part: This creation cost me less than $2.00!
The pieces I chose to upcycle:
Stuffed Dog--99 cents
Book--69 cents
3 Buttons--on hand
Glue--on hand

I hand punched the flowers and grouped two together to look like a daisy.

puppy is checking out the daisy flowers

Then I glued the daisies on to the dog to resemble the fur. I think he looks like a Bichon. And if not, then he is his own breed of dog!


side view

cute little tail

Are you having fun on this hop? Are you itching to run to the thrift store so you too can get started on a modern-day piece of art?!

Today I have Blog Candy. I am giving a $10 gift certificate to my Etsy shop Krista's Paper Cafe. To be entered in the drawing, you must be a follower and . . . Make a Guess at how many daisies are on the pup that I upcycled. (I covered his underside as well.) Be sure to leave a way to contact you. I wold like to know which hop you are following (Dog or Upcycle). By the way, I am currently having a sale at my etsy shop. Enter code HOPADOG to receive 15% off your order.

"Which way did he go? Which way did he go?" (click this title for surprise)
I know you are all smart pups. Read carefully where to go next depending on the trail you are following.
Dog Gone hoppers, your next stop is Ashley's at The Scrappin' Pink Piglet.
Upcycle hoppers, your next stop is my dear friend Jennifer at In My Little Corner.

(This post is photo heavy . . . but I want my kids to enjoy the process. They (especially the youngest) love having their pictures on my blog.)

"Mom . . . ?" the call goes out.

"How many days until school?"

(Not that they want to GO to school . . . . By the way my kids do not start until after Labor Day, Sept 6. The Kindergartner, on Sept 8.)

I have heard about making a paper chain to count down to the first day of school. I decided that the kids and I would do this. You know I like when those kid-friendly crafts. As a crafter, I could not stop at any ordinary paper chain. I wanted the kids to enjoy the chain, give it a little meaning and make it "pretty." We added apples and a bell to our links.

In my Pazzles program I first drew a 10 by 1 inch rectangle. Then I drew an apple and separate leaf. I selected the apple and made an outline, or shadow of it. Centering the apple's shadow on the rectangle, I "joined selected items" (or welded the two together). Each apple link will represent how many days left until school day. I also created one link with a bell (using the same process). Explanation to follow . . .

Cut file pattern created in Pazzles

At bed time the kids will rip off the link for the day (counting backwards). The last link has the bell on it. School starts the day the bell rings! Clever, eh? I tried to make it so the little kids would "get it." Had to give them the history of the apple and bell as it pertains to school. I had my daughter include the leaf on her apples. But I skipped this step for the boys. They like to craft, but are not into detail.

The Pieces of the Links


I think I will share the creative process via pictures . . .

Preparing to Craft

Numbering Apples for the Count Down

Apples Applied to Strips (Jacob)

The New Kid is Ready to Link

2nd Grader is Ready to Link

The Teen is Ready to Link

Working Hard

Working Hard

Working Hard . . . ?



I think the kiddos did a fab job! Way to go! We hanged the chains on the fridge.

The Count Down Begins

We are having some summer fun at Paper Playtime. Our challenge for July is SUMMER. We can make any paper creation with a SUMMER theme. And you can play along too! (Look for Challenge #50.)

We are also getting our style on at Getting Cricky with K Andrew and her Simply Sunday "Fashion-ista" Challenge.

One of my favorite designers of paper cut files is Miss Eleanor at SVG Shop. I have used her files in my blog posts previously. Miss Eleanor has created the cutest cut file for a 3D flip Flop! Wait! You say . . . Flip Flops? Paper Crafting? Huh?! I have several ideas I want to try, but here is the first. I used buttons to decorate my flop. I did not have any large fun buttons, so I had to get a little creative. I made my box at 7 1/2 inches long. Can you imagine smaller one as party favors? Or leaving one on your co-wrler's desk filled with candy to brighten their day?!

As I write this blog entry, Eleanor is offering the flip flop cut file for free. If you make one (or a pair) do comment on my blog with a link to your post/photo abum so I can see your creation!

It's a Flip Flop BOX!!

The Top Lifts Off

Close Up of Strap

How well do you know this song? Or think you know this song? I don't know it as well as I thought I did. As a kid I thought it was a strange song overall. And I am convinced that the words were, "Wearing boxes with out topses . . . sandals were for Clementine." (I don't even know what a herring box is?? Do you?) Ah, memories. As a kid I had my share of sandals and flip flops. But since becoming an adult . . . I wear socks 24/7, 365 days a year (except to bathe and swim)! Crazy I know, but I do not like people looking at or touching my feet!! But I have seen the flip flop style possibilities!! And now there is a cut file for "boxes WITH topses!" The possibilities for paper flip flops are also endless!

One of my favorite designers of paper cut files is Miss Eleanor at SVG Shop. I have used her files in my blog posts previously. She has introduced me to a fun blog called the Paper Dolls. They have a great challenge this week over at the Paper Dolls blog! It is challenge #4 and the theme is Flip Flops! Wait! You say . . . Flip Flops? Paper Crafting? Huh?!

I have told you before that Eleanor is a genius! She has provided a free cut file for a really fun flip flop box!!

I have several ideas I want to try, but here is the first. I used buttons to decorate my flop. I did not have any large fun buttons, so I had to get a little creative. I am hoping to make one more flop of a different theme before the challenge ends. Will you join us at the Paper Dolls Flip Flop Challenge? If you make one (or a pair) do comment on my blog with a link to your post so I can see your creation!

It's a Flip Flop BOX!!

The Top Lifts Off

Close Up of Strap

And just in case you can't remember all the lyrics from your childhood . . .
My Darlin’ Clementine

In a cavern in a canyon excavating for a mine
Lived a miner, a forty-niner, and his daughter Clementine

Oh, my darlin’, oh, my darlin’, oh, my darlin’ Clementine!
You were lost and gone forever! Dreadful sorry Clementine!

Light she was and like a fairy and her shoes were number nine
Herring boxes without topses, sandals were for Clementine

Drove she ducklings to the water every morning just at nine
Hit her foot against a splinter, fell in to the foamin’ brine

Ruby lips above the water blowing bubbles soft and fine
But, alas, she was no swimmer, so he lost his Clementine!

Then the miner, the forty-niner, soon began to pike and pine

Thought he ought-er join his daughter now he’s with his Clementine