Time again to play with made with love (and paper). Our January theme is Winter Wonderland and the requirements are texture and sparkle. Follow the link to see other creations by the team.

The January Theme is perfect timing for us MinneSNOWtans. We just had quite the dumping of snow! More then we have had all winter combined so far. We received 8 inches (or more) in the Minneapple. However, after you shovel it can be 3 feet or more in places. We are running out of room to pile the stuff!! With the snow comes the perfect setting for a Winter Wonderland.

My background paper is a digital scrapbook paper called Snowflaked by SaviByDesign. I love it!! This Snowflaked paper is perfect. I could not find a paper in a brick and mortar store. I downloaded the jpg files and opened them in Photoshop. I recolored the digital image to match my vision. The artist gives permission to do so. This is the first time I have used digital scrapbook paper. I want you to note, with SaviByDesign, the original image does measure 12 x 12 inches. However, my printer does not print edge to edge. You will see a white border around each page. I think that is fine.

I am using the challenge, and a hint from our Minnesota weather, to create a scrapbook page. I used my Pazzles' software to create my two-page spread.

The titles were cut in both white and silver cardstock. I used a strip of the silver behind picture mats on both pages. I used a Core'dinations' white Gemstones cardstock for the mats, as well as the snowflakes. The gemstones stock is shimmering, giving it a natural sparkle.

I added more sparkle to the project dabbing glitter glue on the snowflakes and some flower petals. The texture piece of the challenge comes in to play on the snowflakes, as the Core' Gemstones paper mimics a textured linen. See the pretty silver flowers? They are a sticker collection that I had in my stash. They add a nice sparkle and dimension (or texture) as well. Do note the various layers & lifts created with the snowflakes and other embellishments.

Lastly, I give out a shout to my Minnesota friends who ventured out after the snowstorm to capture the wonder of it all in some beautiful photos. With permission, I lifted the photos from their facebook pages. Thank you Ela, KC, Steve, and Sherri. I printed these photos on white cardstock, so they didn't come out the best. But the photos are on the scrapbook layout to give you an idea of the completed page. On that note, I do have the page available for sale (with out the pictures). Contact me if you are interested in purchasing it.

I hope that where ever you are, you are blessed by the beauty that comes through a Winter Wonderland.

Full Spread

Left Page

Right Page

With Photos

This month's assignment at made with love (and paper) is timely for Minnesota. It is so cold here, especially this week as I finally get my creation posted.
Our theme for December is Quilted Christmas. Will you play along with us? Our quilted creation is to use contrasting colors, metal/metallic, and a bow or knot.

I am not a quilter. Thank goodness. I found a popular quilted Christmas Tree on the internet. And while it was easy enough to create my pattern using my Pazzles software, it was not so easy for me to assemble for real.

I made the Wonky Christmas Tree by creating trapezoids. Then I drew in the gold trim.

Wonky Pattern

To help layout the tree, I copied and then I welded the trim (image on right). It was still a challenge for me. I think my brain was frozen from our Zero degree high temp today.

I even viewed my pattern in the Wire Frame. At least the final assembly is forgiving enough that I could play with it. I have included it in this post in case you need a little extra help with your assembly process. And I think it's just fine to admit our struggles.

Wire Frame

Here are shots of my assembly process:

My Guide for Layering

A Quick Trial of the Layers

I used this Wonky Tree to make a card. Finishing it with a little faux stitching on the corners. Happy Christmas.

Wonky Christmas Tree

This month at made with love (and paper) design team we are Ringing In the New Year!!

And that is our requirement: Make a paper craft that makes you think about celebrating the New Year.

I have always wanted to attend a fancy new year party--with beautiful dresses. But we do not "hang" in that circle. We do not have fancy clothes and gorgeous diamonds. Maybe one year I will host one. There are plenty of shiny clothes to be had from the thrift store. We can create our own glamour! I think it would also be fun to attend a new year masquerade ball. That is what I made: A Mask.

I drew (half) a butterfly and a mask. I layered the butterfly on top of the mask. You could merge the two. I used fancy swirls that are built in to the Pazzles library software. The paper is shimmery -- hard to tell. If was really fun. It is hard to stop adding swirls and gems. But you can't go wrong. No matter how many or how few you use, it looks great! I thought this was going to take a long time. I created it rather quickly. I love the fibers as the finishing touch!

Happy New Year from Krista's Paper Cafe and made with love (and paper).

Swirls and Bling

Swirls and Bling

Swirls and Bling

Swirls and Bling

Added decorative Fibers and a Stick for Holding

Added decorative Fibers and a Stick for Holding

My Beautiful Daughter as my model

My Beautiful Daughter as my model

Time for a new creation with design team of made with love (and paper).

Again, this was supposed to be up the first of the month. I did actually have it completed. I do not know why I put off sharing. But it is perfect timing today as in MinneSNOWta we have finally received out first real snow. It has snowed twice already--but not even a dusting. Today's snow, however, requires snow blowers as well as taking the big yellow snowplows to the streets. Winter has finally arrived in Minnesota. Yeah for snow!

Along with winter and snow comes ice skating. And, sorry to say, but real ice skating is done OUTSIDE with the elements. (None of this indoor, comfy stuff where you go around and around and around.) Nothing is more beautiful then watching a figure skater dance among a lovely white and sparking winter wonderland!

For December our design team of made with love (and paper) is to create a winter wonderland--whatever that means to us.

You may have caught on that I love 3 dimensional paper creations. I have been met with some success in creating a few from scratch. I decided to give a go at a 3 dimensional ice skate. It needs some tweaking, but I like it. I wanted to go crazy with embellishing it, but I am not a natural at that. So I tried to make it balanced.

I do hope you like it and would appreciate your comments below. Happy Skating!

side view

front profile

laces on


close up of detail


Snow covered fence picture, Ruby Tam
Digi Stamps (circle, bingo cards) & Mittens Cut, The Cutting Cafe

Excuse me as I am sending this post a second time as Miss Elf now has a helper--Mr Elf!!

This is so fun! This Elf cut file is designed by Cheryl at Creative Kuts. It is actually 3D and is made with candy canes! We eat very little sugar at our house, so I used pipe cleaners. Because I used pipe cleaners, I used hot glue to adhere the body parts. My elf is a bit long legged (like me) but I think that is even more fun! I think this project is pretty kid-friendly. I am going to pre-cut the peices and invite the kids at Thanksgiving dinner to make one. There is a male version also. I hope you enjoy looking at this cutie pie! (I think that this will not be in the CK Store until Monday.)

I used pipe cleaners, so first I had to make candy canes.

The various pieces prior to assembly.

Lay two canes side by side at an angle. You can adhere them together or only to the dress.

Add hands and feet and close dress.

Here she is completed.

A close up of her sweet face.

Miss Elf has a New Friend, Mr Elf

Here is the back. You can also see the size w the ruler.

A warm holiday welcome from Krista's Paper Cafe. This month at made with love (and paper) we were invited to focus on Christmas. However, we are to incorporate our top five craft supplies. So I cheated a bit. I started my blog about 2 years ago. Today's creation is a adaption of something I created 2 Christmases back. But it had 4 of my top 5 craft items, so I had to re-do it, adding the fifth element!

If you go to that original post, you will see that it's creation and today's are very similar. The main diffrence is that instead of a card, it is now a tag.

My Top 5 Craft Supplies
1. Fiber
2. Word Circle Digital Stamp
3. Paper Piecing Cut File
4. Tag
5. Patterned Paper

Why These Craft supplies?
I am really attracted to the “word circle” digital stamp pattern. I love playing with creating my own. I also created the goose piecing myself with the help of my Pazzles personal cutter. When I first joined the web world of crafting I was introduced to tags, and invited to be on a tag creative team. I had zero experience with tags. They have come to be one of my "top 5 craft supplies." Tags are so versatile. Who in paper crafts is not a paper addict?! There are too many choices in this blessed world in which we live. I would love to dress in craft paper . . . someday . . . And finally, if you have been a follower, you know I go nuts over fibers!!

**I just might have a test on this later on my facebook fan page. You might win a prize!!

Remember you can join us at made with love (and paper) and submit your own Christmas creation with your fav supplies.


I had to have one last go at Christmas. There are so many wonderful Santa images about these days. Here is a Santa that I designed for this year. He is in the tradition of Vintage and has that fun, magical Moon shape.

I am offering you this cut file for free.
If you follow me, you know that I have a Pazzles Personal Paper Cutter. So I did create the cut file with Pazzles software. That means I can only offer the file in the following formats. Just click your format to download. You may have to right click, save as.
Santa Moon PDF
Santa Moon WPC
Santa Moon SVG
(I am pretty sure SVG format will work. If not, let me know. I am knew to converting.)

First I drew him with my Pazzles software.

I cut him out . . . I chose to draw the eye as the cut would be pretty tiny.

And pieced Santa on to a card . . . If you click on each Santa below, you will see that I added sparkle to his beard.

If you own a Pazzles and would like a copy of this Santa Moon cut file, leave a note in the comments with your email.

Maybe you saw my last post . . . . I made a beautiful Christmas Ornament for my swap group using the guidelines for my Design Team, made with love (and paper). The December challenge for the team was Vintage Holiday. We were required to use a pine cone and something sparkly. You can see more of those ornaments here. The ornament is just under 5.5 inches and the last is a bit smaller at 4.5 inches.

I love this ornament design so much! I had to make more! I am happy with the way my cut file came out and the decoratings ideas are endless. The purple (lavender) ones are a custom order. Enjoy.

I am linking this to:
Jalisa's Christmas Theme Patches of Pink link-up party.
Uncommon Link Party #7.
Whimsical Designs' Christmas Home Decor challenge.

Tiny Red Ornaments Decorate the Top

The left ornament has green ribbon and jewels. The right has colors of lavender, mauve and brown. The ribbons reads Remember.

Lavender with sweet, mathcing jingle bells!

Lavender with a purple ribbon adorned with snowflalkes.

You may recall that I am a member of the design team: "made with love (and paper)." We are on our Tenth creation as a team. Please stop by and do join us in this month's challenge!! You are welcome to submit your creation to the challenge.

Our made with love (and paper) challenge for December is Vintage Holiday. We are required to use a pine cone and something sparkly.

I am also part of a swap group and for December we are making ornaments. I have decided to combine the two projects!

I have created this square cone ornament. You can leave them empty or fill them. I used vintage style papers and ivory lace. I found that great pinecone pattern from the marvelous Penny Duncan. These are so easy and fun to make. Note the sparkle on the pine cones. It nicely simulates the sap often found on them.

This first ornament is for the Design Team. Can you imagine the paper as a vintage, velvet wallpaper?! Love that!! The larger ornament is just under 5.5 inches and the smaller, is 4.5 inches. You can make these any size.

You can make these ornaments any size.

A close up showing the beautiful, vintage-style paper.

You can have so much fun with these. Imagine the decorating possibilities. I was pleased to have all the supplies on hand. I have been hoarding the red cardinals for over a year!! (next set of photos) I love cardinals at wintertime. I have to give a pair of these to my mom. She loves little song birds as well. Anyway, you can hang these on the Christmas tree, in the window or on the backs of your guest's chairs in the dining room! You can leave them empty or add almost anything you like. You could even make these with fun, traditional holiday colored paper and toss candy inside for the kiddos. And bonus! If you assemble the cone, the kids can decorate them! (You know I like those kid-friendly crafts!) I am excited to make more. I wish I could use these as my Christmas cards!! But that would be a lot of postage.

close-up showing the fun victorian print

Are you looking for holiday and Christmas decorations and cards? On Monday I began listing these items in my shop. I invite you in for a look.

I grew up in Minnesota. I'm still in MN. But, I do not like MN winters. Mostly, it's the cold. If it weren't for the cold, the snow would be more enjoyable. I'm tired of trying to function with mittens, being covered from head to toe and dealing with glasses that fog up. The only reason I stay here is because my groom refuses to leave. (more…)