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Happy New Year

Happy New Year

Happy New Year! We are celebrating the new year with a Bang! at The Cutting Cafe.

I have made new year's "crackers." These don't really POP. Instead they are filled with candy.

Files Used
It's New Year Time Printable Stamp Set from The Cutting Cafe
Cracker Box Pattern from Pazzles

Ta da! This is my first official assignment for the Pazzles Design Team.

Pazzles fans are invited to participate in the May Challenge. The admin invites you to take a picture of something that inspires you and use it to create a craft. My Challenge Project revolves around Cooking/Baking. A desire for my children to eat healthy food inspired me to learn how to cook (over the past two years). Really cook. I have a great friend who took me under her wing. We had "lessons" in which we not only produced a finished product and I learned new skills, but we also were blessed with time together.

This is the photo that I submitted as my inspiration. (One of the first things I learned to make was my own chicken stock and then soup!)

Homemade Chicken Soup

Homemade Chicken Soup

Not only I have I learned to cook, but I have a repertoire of baked goods as well. I took this "inspiration" and created a little bake set. (I also made this set as a custom order thank you "card.")

I used a Double Easel Card for the base. Here are the steps:
Begin with an 8” square cardstock
Score and fold the card in half
Cut one of the halves in half
Take each of the panels and fold the inner edge down to the outer edge
Cut two pieces of card 4" square (or other shape)
Carefully attach the two pieces of card to the triangular flaps (make sure that they don't interfere with the opening of the card)

Cut, Score, Fold

Cut, Score, Fold

Fold Inside Corners to Outer Sides

Fold Inside Corners to Outer Sides

Instead of attaching square pieces of cardstock, I chose to use a recipe cards and an apron instead. I used the Apron Recipe Cards file from the Pazzles Craft Room. I had to Print & Cut the recipe cards.

Recipes & Apron

Recipes & Apron

Next I made a mixing bowl to hold the double easels up in place. I pulled the Round Box File from Pazzles. Please note that the file has two pieces that are very similar. However, one is slightly larger then the other: One for the outside of the bowl and one for the inside. You need to pay attention to how you assemble your bowls and which way to fold the printed side of the paper. You make both pieces and then insert one into the other. This is so that you can hide all the seams.

Make the Outside of the bowl

Outside of Bowl

Outside of Bowl

Outside Completed

Outside Completed

Make the Inside of the bowl

Inside of Bowl

Inside of Bowl

Inside Completed

Inside Completed

Insert inside piece of the bowl in to the outside piece.



Together--Bowl Complete

Together--Bowl Complete

Add embellishments to individual pieces and then attach all the pieces to the easel card. You can see that I added some cooking utensils that I found at Pazzles as well. I designed the flour and sugar bags myself. I used Print and Cut for those.

Cooking in the Kitchen

Cooking in the Kitchen

Here are other angels of the card. I hope you can see how the "easel" comes into play. And although this is an easel "card" you cannot fold it down for mailing. You have to send it in a box or hand deliver it!

straight on

straight on

top view without flour/sugar bags

top view without flour/sugar bags

side view

side view

back view

back view

If you have any questions, do let me know. I am happy to work with you on this.

Papers that I used:
Cosmo Cricket Tea for Two
Recollections Valentine Paper Pad

Here are a few items I made for St Pat's Day. Just quick cards to give you some ideas.
The Mar 17 circle digi and Happy St P Day sentiments were designed by me in Adobe Illustrator. I also designed the Happy St Patty's Day cut out in Pazzles.
Enjoy and Happy St P Day!!






Tri-4 Leaf Clover Card
Original design by The Cutting Cafe.



Easel Card
The Cutting Cafe also has a single clover. I used it to make an easel card.

front view, standing

front view, standing

side view

side view

(I can't post this without advertising.)

Jesus Christ is THE reason we celebrate on December 25th. As a mom, I want my kids to proclaim "Jesus is the Reason." We decorate our home for Christmas--both with Christian and Secular Images. However, I want my kids to proclaim "Jesus is the Reason" and hold this truth in their hearts. I have discovered a new tool to help with that.

Barbara Rainey, a Christian personality, has created some lovely Christmas Adornaments. These ornaments remind us of the Christmas names of Jesus. Along with each Name Ornament, Mrs. Rainey provides an explanation why it is that God chose these seven names for Jesus. I think it is beautiful. You can purchase these ornaments at the link above.

However, I cannot afford the price. So I decided to make my own. I am very appreciative that Mrs. Rainey has shared the written explanation free, online. I am thankful that she has made that tool available.

Since I was making my Names out of paper, I decided to adhere them to a wreath. I started with a $3 wreath from thrift store. And ended up with a gorgeous tribute to out Lord, Jesus Christ. This is a surprise for the family.

I used shimmery paper and various bling to help the Names look Regal. (The Prince of Peace name is shimmery white backed by royal purple.)

Please view the video for the completed wreath.

Here are some of the steps and a little fun!

$3 Thrift Store Wreath

the cuts

names assembled

Names Embellished

glitter fun

more gitter

It is a new month. First off, Happy May Day. I do not have a project this year for May Day. Although, the kids and I made simple baskets with pre-made silk flowers to secretly drop at our friend's and neighbor's doors. Still loving May Day but had to take the easy route this year.

With the start of a new month, comes the reveal of a new creation for the "made with love (and paper)" Design Team. We have been having a lot of fun on this DT! Rachelle comes up with great parameters for us to work with. made with love consists of a group of gals that love paper-crafting! Each month we challenge ourselves to complete projects with specific requirements. Please stop by and join us!! You are always welcome to submit your creations to the challenges.

Rachelle dropped a doosie on us this time! She has really challenged us. Rachelle said create a project with the following guidelines:
theme: "new beginnings"
requirements: something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue

Wow! I cannot wait to see Rachelle's creation. I wonder if she had something in mind when she picked the challenge? The "something borrowed" is going to be the trickiest. "Excuse, may I please borrow your XXX for a craft project that I am going to glue up and possibly make permanent?" So, as always, I gave it some thought.

You are going to love this!! But, first, a story. You know I like telling stories.

Something Old
I was determined on the project that came to my mind. I was not open to changing. This, of course, brought me to the last minute. The first thing I needed was an old, hand held mirror. You would think such an item would be over flowing the shelves of the thrift stores. Nope. Then last week (cutting it close), I found an amazing old mirror . . . without a mirror. Look at the gorgeous detail on the back side of the mirror.

glass side--no mirror

decorative side

detail of decorative side

I had been to so many places for this project as well as running errands. I did not want to run anymore. I told a woman in the store my plan. Not five minutes later, she rounds the corner and hands me a decorative mirror. I could easily disassemble this mirror and use the "glass" for my old mirror. It was almost perfect. However, the glass was a tad small. No problem, I knew my plan would succeed!

cheap plastic mirror


easy enough to disassemble

I cut a green circle to back the small glass that will replace the missing glass. The "glass" is really cheap--it's plastic and scratched, but I had to use it. Doesn't look too bad.

easy access

a new beginning

Something Blue
As I was planning to surround the glass with paper flowers, the gap between the glass & mirror edge was fine. This is where the paper crafting comes in. Core'dnatiosn cardstock is the best for making this type of spiral paper flower. The tearing and the colored core of the paper give a natural look to the flowers. As I mentioned, I was done running around town. So I had to work with the paper that I had on hand. I did not have two pieces of paper of any one blue. Anyway, I think the flowers will look nicer with a mix. I chose my colors. I was hoping to use just two blues, but had to bring in a third as there were not enough flowers to go around the mirror. I pulled out a spray of the very first spiral flowers I had ever made for inspiration and guidance (reds).

Then, I got busy making flowers and adhering them to the mirror. I used hot glue.

Something New
The easy part of this project was the decorative ribbons. I carried through on the blue. But I also added the green and the white to compliment those same colors that I added to the flowers around the mirror.


I am really happy with the way the mirror turned out.



Something Borrowed
Oh wait! I almost forgot the borrowed piece! That is where YOU come in to this creation. I am going to borrow your reflection. Only for a brief moment--for you are forever changing. And is rightly so.
One of my favorite Bible verses is this promise from God:
"Therefore if anyone is in Christ, she is a new creature; The old has passed away; behold, the new has come." 2 Corinthians 5:17
Through Christ we are given new life. Again and Again. God doesn't care how many times you have to start over.
My hope is that, when feeling beaten down, unsure of oneself, the beholder of this story book mirror, will gaze upon herself, surrounded by beauty, and truly know that she herself is a beautiful creation and is welcome to start anew.

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WINNERS of the Tim Burton Blog Hop candy!

PATTI ROSS is the overall Hop winner drawn from Dena's blog The Unknown, Entertaining Mind of Miss Dena. Patti won two digital stamps from hop sponsor Karber Digital.

BECKY D is the winner from my blog. She wins a set of my handmade stick pins.
(You can find your favorite stick pins in my shop.

Here is what Becky had to say:
Wowie Krista! This is an impressive project! I have not seen Sweeney Todd yet, but my son loves it – he is 19 and into those kind of gorey things. I am not so much, but I have been wanting to see it as it is kind of a classic and after it all it Johnny in it so I am willing to see anything he is in Anyway… I love this layout. As you explained everything, I am sure this probably reflects the movie quite well Love the cuts you created and your daughter’s drawing is great. My daughter and my son both love to draw and they love Tim Burton. Thanks for sharing and for explaining how you did this amazing layout! I love it and would love to try some of these techniques.

Combined Hop Winner (Dog Gone Hop day 2 AND Upcyle Blog Hop)
The winner for the blog candy is Kacee.
I asked you to guess how many paper flowers are on the dog I made.
There were 257 daisies. (I actually punched over twice that--two per daisy and rejects.)
The winner guessed 248 flowers--only 9 off!!
Kacee wins a $10 gift certificate to my Etsy shop, Krista's Paper Cafe. Congrats Kacee!! (I will email you.)

Just in case up missed it, here's my pooch:

The past 3 days I have been "spring cleaning" my craft room.

I do not collect any thing (except maybe patterned paper--oh that does not count!). Never have--even as a kid. A few years back I decided that I wanted to collect something. I found the most adorable mini's in which to invest my money. Like anything else, these are only worth money to that select group who also collects them. I focus on the Original Polly Pockets. They are the ones that actually fit in your pocket. Made from 1989 to 1997, this adorable doll and her many "compact" buildings came out after my childhood. I do not even remember seeing any--but there were no kids in my life.

When we decided to dedicate a room to my crafting, I knew that I wanted to display my Pollys. Now, I have finally done so. This is only a third of my collection. I plan to rotate my sets. I only buy them as they come in to my radar. I do not actively search them out. Of course, I would love to have every set that exists!! So as I "spring cleaned" I had to stop and play a little bit with Polly, Midge and the rest of the gang.

Do be sure to notice the school set. It is perfect for crafters. Both the kids' and teacher's desks pop out and have actual usable stamps underneath!!

A little glimpse in to who I am. Enjoy! (If you want a closer look, click a photo and then click again. Sorry. This technology stuff gets me every time!)
I would love to know if any of you have these era of Polly's. And please share a comment about your collection (s).

The Main Display

Polly Babysits and takes twins to the Grocery

Fancy Houses

Bedroom with Moving Elevator!

Hangin' Out in the Tree House

Amusement Park Rides

Ballet and Wedding Chapel

I Dream of Jeanne Bottles (back, left, unofficial polly) Closed Tree House (right).

School Stamp Set

School stamp Set--Top View

Polly's with HAIR at the Beauty Shop!!

Wasn't that a delicious blog hop? A good range of ideas to spark up your parties and cupcakes! I'm stuffed and happy!

Someone else is going to be happy . . . . Latinacreativa, you are our winner!! I'll send you an email.

Latinacreativa says:
February 27, 2011 at 3:53 pm (Edit)
How lovely! I think your project is so cute! I’ve never used the pazzles paper cutter, but it looks like fun. Thanks for sharing!