"Charmed, I'm Sure" Swap & Link Up Party

March 12, 2011

I am proud to present to you the creations of Scrappy Scavenger Swaps. We are a small group of women who paper craft. However, we want to stretch ourselves and try aour hand at other forms of art. We dabble in a bit of everything. We try to tie the creation to our paper crafts--finding use ways to "liven" them up!

Today we present a clever way to embellish your crafts! Charms.

Similar to jewelry charms one would use to embellish their person, charms are making an appearance in the paper craft world! These kind of charms are most often used in scrapbooks and on cards.

We each made two charms based on a list of themes. Then we exchanged with two others in the group. I think for most of us--this was a new endeavor. The charm in and of itself is not a paper craft. However, I can imagine the possibilities, now that I have put my brain to the challenge. Your own imagination can take you anywhere!

We hope to inspire and challenge you. And, we would like to see what you come up with. Blog about what you make and how it will be used. Then Link that blog post below! Have fun . . . be patient.

Here are the categories that we chose to work around:
1. Love is a 4-letter word (craft a positive or negative experience!)
2. All Things Grow with Love
3. Faith, Hope, ... and Love
4. Hugs and Kisses, Stars and Wishes
5. Love and Other Obsessions

Here are the charms from our team members . . . Please link to their blogs and leave constructive comments.

Tanya at Scrappy Scavenger

Hugs and Kisses, Stars and Wishes

Love & Other Obsessions

Zelia at An Image by Design


Jennifer at Scrappin Little Turtle

Jennifer at In My Little Corner

Christy at Ladyugz Creations

Here are my charms . . . Krista's Paper Cafe

All Things Grow With Love

Faith, Hope . . . Love

The charm with the leaves reflects the theme "All Things Grow with Love." It is pretty simple. I included metal hearts, white pearl beads, and glass leaves. I started with a totally different idea and it "grew" in to what you see. I do not really have any suggestions on how to use it. Maybe in a wedding album?
The second charm I actually made first. It is rather long, incorporating the theme "Faith, Hope . . . and Love." I think it can be used in a family scrapbook album/page, simply tying it to family, or for heritage, memories or a family reunion. It even tinkles like a wind chime. I did that on purpose (wink, wink) to add to the effect of memories!

Tips and Your Turn

1. Lay out all possible pieces before you on the table.
2. It helps (of course) to have a theme to work around.
3. Go to the thrift store. Used pieces from existing jewelery or "chains" and alter.
4. Tweezers and pliers are a must.
5. Patience is your friend.

So have fun and share your creations. Link right to the project (or blog entry) with your charm (not your home page). And do check the other entrants' creations that are linked. No deadline.

5 comments on “"Charmed, I'm Sure" Swap & Link Up Party”

  1. krista, all of them are beautiful. i do too want to dabble with jewelry. maybe one day i will have the time. i will come to you for help. tfs!
    hugs too ;p

  2. I love your charms, I wish everyone could here the sweet jingle! I have it hanging at my Scrapbook Nook! I am trying to think of something special to do with it! When I do I will send you pics! I loved this swap! It was really fun!

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE it.. I will be sharing 🙂 and posting you did awesome by the way whew that was a hard one.. lol.. Thanks for hosting this 🙂 and just so you know wow yours are beautiful and I love the windchime one I have windchimes on my porch as a door bell beautiful..

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