I Am the Coolest Mom with the Coolest Toys!

October 26, 2010

My own kids want to play with me because I have the coolest toys!  But that doesn't mean I'm always going to share!

If you enjoy paper crafts, then you know how wonderful paper can be! If my hubby only knew how much money I have wrapped up in patterned paper! And then there is the coveted pile of awesome papers. You know the ones you just had to buy, but can't bring yourself to actually use!!

I have been crafting for 13 years now. And over time, as the kiddos grow, they realize that mom has a some really neat toys! While I encourage my kids to be creative, I have had to learn to share. I don't want them to break something or waste supplies. I realized that I was short-changing their own creative process. (They get enough of that in the school system.) So I have slowly come to grips with letting them (carefully) choose items from my craft haven. (I do still have that coveted pile of paper that NO ONE can TOUCH!)

My kids love it! I love to see their faces light up when they create.

Late this summer my hubby gifted me with a Pazzles Inspiration personal cutting machine. Love, love, love it. It is always ready to go. So, my kids have caught on to this toy as well--in regard to asking me to create and cut things for them. We have to be careful not to show up the kids' friends and classmates.

This afternoon my 4 year old got in on the creative action. He is in preschool. Halloween Party tomorrow. We offered to bring muffins. He chose white frosting (thinly spread) and various sprinkles. Then he thought that the muffins needed a bit more flare. I suggested we cut some shapes for the muffins. I so love it that he chose "smiling" pumpkins and  "green spiders with polk-a-dots." The kid has (his own) style.

The 4 year old and I: We are one cool team!

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