I saw a challenge at Crafting with Cristina to make something Valentine themed….anything EXCEPT a card. Still, we want to stay with paper crafting.

This is a challenge for me. I make cards. Sometimes tags.

Hopefully you noticed that the main logo for Krista's Paper Cafe is a cup of "gourmet coffee" made with the technique called "paper piecing." I knew I wanted to incorporate my logo in to this challenge.

If you have read my past posts, you may have picked up that I am cheap thrifty. I shop the thrift stores weekly. I often go there just for artistic inspiration--with no intention to buy.

I found the most amazing coffee cup in the world!! (pictured above) Can you stand it? It is so unique. It called to me to take it home and create!! You know you want this for yourself!! Nope, you can't have it. I saw it first. It's mine. For keeps!

I decided I had to have this cup and use it in Cristina's Vday challenge. But how . . . .?

I knew I wanted to use paper flowers. I first learned about paper flowers from Kindra and Anna. You'll be floored by their art!! These gifted women have been mentors and great supporters to me.

On a another day I learned about spiral flowers--somewhere on the web. They are all the rage. And we have all seen tutorials on how to make them. When I first learned to make spiral roses, that technique seemed to be a challenge, and the flowers were tiny. Thus, I have made very few. Last week I saw this tutorial on Core'dinations. Their tutorial gave me the interest to try again. Thank you! The red roses are made from Core’dinations cardstock. I love the way the paper tears and creates a realistic flower. (Keep reading . . . good things come to those who wait. You'll see!)

How I could tie all these elements together?
Valentine's Day Theme
Unique Coffee Cup
Paper Crafting
Paper Cafe Logo
Spiral Flowers

I am not an artist. Before this challenge, I thought "Altered art pieces are cool, but that is not where my talents lay." I really wanted to use that cup. So I thought about the elements I wanted to incorporate and . . . . Voila!! I present to you, my inaugural piece of altered art for Valentine's Day. Enjoy.

I love it! I am so happy with the way my project turned out. I am thankful for Cristina's challenge. I love to think outside the box. The cup was so worth the $3.99 I payed for it! One piece of clarification: You are probably asking yourself what slippers have to do with all this? C'mon, admit. Honey, those are not slippers. Those "things" are biscotti! Yes, really. I told you that I am not an artist. I figured that once I told you what they are, you would understand and agree!!

The Complete Picture:
So, if my Lover were to give me a gift for Valentine's Day . . . I would so enjoy his company while sipping a Latte and gazing at the beautiful roses that he gives me.

I would so appreciate your honest thoughts!!