Spring Cleaning . . . Playing

March 23, 2011

The past 3 days I have been "spring cleaning" my craft room.

I do not collect any thing (except maybe patterned paper--oh that does not count!). Never have--even as a kid. A few years back I decided that I wanted to collect something. I found the most adorable mini's in which to invest my money. Like anything else, these are only worth money to that select group who also collects them. I focus on the Original Polly Pockets. They are the ones that actually fit in your pocket. Made from 1989 to 1997, this adorable doll and her many "compact" buildings came out after my childhood. I do not even remember seeing any--but there were no kids in my life.

When we decided to dedicate a room to my crafting, I knew that I wanted to display my Pollys. Now, I have finally done so. This is only a third of my collection. I plan to rotate my sets. I only buy them as they come in to my radar. I do not actively search them out. Of course, I would love to have every set that exists!! So as I "spring cleaned" I had to stop and play a little bit with Polly, Midge and the rest of the gang.

Do be sure to notice the school set. It is perfect for crafters. Both the kids' and teacher's desks pop out and have actual usable stamps underneath!!

A little glimpse in to who I am. Enjoy! (If you want a closer look, click a photo and then click again. Sorry. This technology stuff gets me every time!)
I would love to know if any of you have these era of Polly's. And please share a comment about your collection (s).

The Main Display

Polly Babysits and takes twins to the Grocery

Fancy Houses

Bedroom with Moving Elevator!

Hangin' Out in the Tree House

Amusement Park Rides

Ballet and Wedding Chapel

I Dream of Jeanne Bottles (back, left, unofficial polly) Closed Tree House (right).

School Stamp Set

School stamp Set--Top View

Polly's with HAIR at the Beauty Shop!!

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