Everything's Coming Up Scallops! (Versatile Scallops Day 1)

May 16, 2011

Welcome to the Paper Cafe. How fitting that we are featuring scallops this week. Paper Scallops, that is.
Each day this week I will demonstrate the versatility of the popular round scallop. I will show you can use a scallop to make many beautiful paper creations. Some are simple, some take a little dedication. I think you will like them all. This week's scallops come in a variety of sizes and are diverse in the number of scallops (bumps).

I have a number of cards for you today. You have probably used scallops in or in your cards. Here are a few ideas. (Some of these are available in my online shop.)

The first is a pop-up card. It uses the scallop shape as the base for the the pop-up portion of the card.

Cut the steps in to the scallop as you see fit.

a side view to show the steps and layers

Finished Card

This card is simply made using scallops and circles. I folded the bottom two layers and embellished.

These two scallop cards are also simple, but maybe a new idea for you.

Now this really cute! I used the scallop to make the flowers. Fold the scallop so that there are 4 bumps at the top. Invert one of scallops to add a little flavor.

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