Scalloped Carnations (Versatile Scallops Day 2)

May 17, 2011

Today's scallop project is made by my guest designer and good friend, Tanya. She is very talented with Paper Crafts and makes flowers for purchase. Tanya can make all things in to something beautiful. Tanya says "Its easy to find junk to create from!" Tanya is a SAHM of three and substitute teacher. Be sure to take a look at her blog, ScrappyScavenger.

Tanya has "grown" a very pretty Carnation from a few "scallop seeds."

I started with 5 scallop cuts at 2 1/2 inches. I inked them.

The I piled them up, punched a center hole and attached my brad as tightly and close as possible. It will be tugged on quite a bit, so you don't need the paper or cardstock sliding and tearing under the brad. Keep in mind this is the center of your flower, so you may want to use glitter or flocking on it. That is if you want it open enough to see the brad. I really like mine more closed, but you can make a couple different styles which makes it look as if you have more types of flowers in your bouquet. (That's one of my secrets! Completely open it looks like a poppy! Making this actually a tutorial of 2 flowers in one!)

Pull up the first layer to the center and squish and pinch it, paying close attention to make sure the bottom of the center is also squished tightly. Work around the circle.

Repeat with each layer until you achieve the cylinder shape. I like to press it tightly all around.

Then I like to press the tips of the petals in the ink at this point.

Now carefully open the outer layer first and work to the center untill you get your desired result. I like to make a lot and vary them.

Here is one of Tanya's carnations in green.

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  1. These are fabulous! Carnations and poppies are 2 of my most favorite flowers and I cannot wait to get into my craft room and try these out! thanks so much for the tutorial!

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