Out On the Town (Versatile Scallops Day 3)

May 18, 2011

Now that you are getting comfortable with using scallops, it's time to go out and show off a bit. You need to get dresses up and look your best! Two essential accessories every well-dressed woman needs are a stunning hat and a purse that's to die for!!

You need two scallops: one a half inch smaller then the other. You also need two circles to make attach the top and bottom of the hat. Create the band out of a strip of paper. I added tabs to mine for easier adhesion to the circles.

Cut File for Scallop Hat Box

Cut your pieces. Attach the band around the top and bottom circles. Now center the box top and bottom to the top and bottom scallops respectively.

See the completed hat at the bottom of the post . . .

First make the frame of the purse. This will hold the sides of your purse.

You need a front and back to your purse. I used a 2-point scallop nesting mat from Penny Duncan Creations, and squished it with my Pazzles cutter software. You need two nested layers of this cut. You also need to cut off the point of the bottom layer so that your purse stands up. You can alter the file or cut by hand afterwards.

Adhere these to the frame of the purse.

Now cut your scallop and a nested circle. Remember to score each of these pieces so that they can be folded together down along the sides of the purse. Because the base of my purse is 1 inch wide, I score the scallop and circle at a half inch on either side of the center line. Add holes for the strap. Adhere the two pieces together.

Tie the strap to the inside of the purse top. I love fibers--any excuse to use them. And do remember, we are trying to be fashionable!

Adhere the purse top to the side(s). You can choose to adhere both sides or one. It depends on if you want it to open. I suppose you could not adhere it at all, allowing for total removal of the top.

Add the final touches to both your hat and purse--making them compliments of each other. Now you are ready to go out on the town!! (Sorry for the color--the little flowers are teal and yellow.)

Here is my first draft of the purse. It is not proportion correctly--too wide. But I wanted to show you the fun design! A little something for you wild ladies!

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