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And the Winner Receives . . . Strawberry Ice Cream!!

My last post show cased some ornaments that I have been playing with over the past few months. The most recent theme of the ornaments was Valentine’s. This one is my favorite. It is less so a Valentine style and more so a Party style.

I ran a mini contest. I love that stick pin on the ornament! For the contest, I asked you to tell me what you think that stick pin represents. However, I am not sure that it is so easy for everyone to tell. That is how the creative process goes sometimes. That’s ok–we have to try it out. This is an ice cream cone with a cherry on top. Oh, now you see it?! It was hard to decide what color to make the ice cream. I wanted to stick with the pink colors. And I know that there IS strawberry ice cream. (Can you picture it better with a white bead to represent vanilla ice cream?)

I have to play fairly. There were two guesses that were correct:
Amy said, “I love the cones! and I too was late getting my valentines together! The stick pin, to me, looks like a Sundae with a cherry on top! <3 Happy (belated) Valentines Day!" Tanya said, “looks like an ice cream cone with a cherrie 🙂 These are cute!”

So I am going to send you both an Easter tag similar to the one pictured below. Yea!! IT has a stick pin that is supposed to look like a decorated Easter Egg. Get it?

This stick pin on this tag represents and Easter egg!

My next post will be a tutorial on how to make the Easter Egg Bunny tag pictured above. Be sure to come back.

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