Yes, Please -- Do Shake the Christmas Cards

December 14, 2019

As a kid, did you shake your presents on Christmas eve? Maybe even in the days leading up to the day of opening -- in hopes of discerning what might be inside? Do you still shake your presents? I do!! Now you can shake your card!!

I'm back with more shaker cards from Queen & Co. This is the North Pole Kit. After working with two of the shaker sets, I'm not investing any more of my money or time. Once again, the pieces do not align. I'm really frustrated. Again, a lot of money not equivalent to the quality of the product. I thought that the smaller shapes would work better. Nope. They actually loose their shape ever so slightly that the various layers do not align. I definitely do not recommend these kits!

On every set I made, the acetate was too big:

Uneven - look by the ears.

I trimmed the acetate on almost every shape. The santa hat is forgiving because you can align the acetate so that the extra is at the bottom and can cover it with the "fur trim" piece.

Acetate hand trimmed.

Here are the finished cards. They are adorable. Especially those reindeer! More styles will be coming.
And, they are for sale at $4 each. Each card measures approx. 6" X 4.25" and have a coordinating design inside -- but no text. These cards do require additional postage when mailing to your loved one. Thank you for looking.


Wreaths -- Tall


Reindeer 1 & 2

Reindeer 3 & 4

Reindeer 5 & 6

Santa Hat 1 & 2

Santa Hat 3 & 4

Santa Hat 5 & 6

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