"Cleaning Up"

October 10, 2010

I have been invited to join an online Creative Team. We focus on paper creations. The Team is called More Paper Than Shoes.
I am on the Hang Tag team. Each month we are challenged to create a project (in this case, a tag) with a set of given parameters. We can also participate in the overall monthly challenge (and you can too).

This month's challenge is Scary Halloween. The piece is to include these features: No orange or yellow; Supplies: glitter and ribbon; Embellishment: hand made flower; Technique: embossing; Surface: tag.

This is my inaugural piece for More Paper Than Shoes. I am very happy with this tag.
We really do not do scary halloween in our family, but this just came to me. The handmade flower is on the "janitor's" hat. Probably the world's smallest spiral flower--a blood red rose! I was extra excited to find that I had a white stamp pad to use for the spider web!

Happy Halloween!

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