I Love You To Pieces

June 12, 2014

I have bught a box of clear candy tubes. There are so many fun ideas out there for these tubes. As well, you can think up your own.

I am sure that my kids were the last to finish school this year. But just in case you still need a gift for your teacher, here are a few ideas. As well, I have used the Reeses Pieces to make a Father's Day gift and a gift of love! You can get the kiddos involved in filling the tubes and tying the tags.

I created the tags in Adobe Illustrator. You can use MS Word or other program. I cut the mustache by free hand.

Pictured left to right are:
Teacher Thank You, Father's Day (mustache), To My Honey

So Many Pieces!

So Many Pieces!

Close Up

Close Up

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