March 30, 2018

Ha! That's our theme this March for made with love (and paper). Rachelle invited us to search the internet inserting the word mint in the search engine and use whatever comes up as our inspiration! Follow the link to see the creations of the other team members.

I came across that plate above and was mintspired!

Now, when one begins to look through her paper stash for just the right color of mint, it doesn't take long before all shades of green begin to look the same! And, who knows what colors will appear between your monitor and mine. But let's move forward.

The zig zags on the plate brought an image of an umbrella to my mind. I'm also very hopeful that spring is indeed, just around the corner! I had previously created an umbrella cut file with my Pazzles software. I decided to change it up just a bit. I wanted the umbrella to pop -- or be 3D. I added tabs to the top of the umbrella, making the top edge a perforation so that I can fold the umbrella. All this with the amazing software of Paz! I made a smaller, second layer of the umbrella with the outline/inline feature, making it just a hair smaller. This piece is placed "inside" the umbrella on top of the tabs.


Cut Pieces for Umbrella

The next step is to place the "popped up" umbrella on the card front, carefully aligning it with the inside umbrella piece so that the two line up.

"Popping" the Umbrella

Inside of Umbrella Inserted

I carried the green color palette through with the background and digi stamp (that I created in Adboe Illustrator). A little embellishing here, a few rain drops there . . . And soon the April Showers will bring May Flowers! My finished card is a 6 inch square. I am really stoked with how this one turned out.


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