Beer Mug with Action Wobbles--A Video Blog (whoo-hoo!)

November 29, 2010

Some of my online craft friends have been sharing Action Wobbles with their fans. I was fortunate to get a few from my friend Agnes to give a try. They can be quite fun! Wobbles will be available for purchase online in January 2011.

I was making this card for a friend and my hubby asked if I could make the beer move (like some cell phone application that is out there)?? Ah-ha! Here was my chance to try Action Wobbles! Too funny!

Want this card for your own? Purchase one that is very similar here.

Agnes at Flower Disco
Action Wobbles Facebook fan page

3 comments on “Beer Mug with Action Wobbles--A Video Blog (whoo-hoo!)”

  1. Hello Miss Krista it's LaTarsha from Facebook. I'm on Youtube too, mississchic. Miss Agnes Flower Disco is a sweetheart. I was given a sample of 5 Action Wobbles I'm trying to find the perfect project (Superman?) for them, LoL. Can't wait till January to buy more! Awesome beer card!

  2. Darling-Darling....what a great way to showcase the wobbles. I love it. You did great with the card, the beer and the wobbles. it seems everything goes so well together and in that order, lol

    Thanks for the love!

    hugs/love back to you!

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