Don't Throw That In the Trash! Shake It!!

March 27, 2012

April's theme for made with love (and paper) is reuse and recycle. Isn't that cool?!

I knew exactly what I wanted to do!!

Seems that one of the recent fads is to make cards (and other) with small display globes. In other words, a Shaker Card. You know when you buy crafty items in plastic packaging that is raised? I save those all the time because I think to myself, self, you can use that to make a shaker card. But I never have! Thanks to my design team challenge, I finally did it!! Usually the packaging is square. I think that boring. But I had one (just one) that was round!! You are gonna die when you see this!!

The theme being recycle/reuse, the requirements are to reuse items that you would normally throw away as crafting supplies or as the basis of your project.

I used the plastic circle to make a Baby Rattle. (As a party favor--not to give to a real baby.) I think the project is self explanatory via the photos!! I did use my Pazzles to cut the circles. This was great because I could easily adjust the size of the circles to get just the right proportions. If I had more of the polka dot paper, I would have cut a matching back. Bonus is that the feet and rattles inside the shaker are leftovers from a project over two years ago!! (I can't throw things away.)

The inside of the bubble is 2.5 inches and the full length of the rattle is 7.5 inches!

Now I need more of these bubbles!!

plastic wrapping

5 comments on “Don't Throw That In the Trash! Shake It!!”

  1. These are so totally adorable!!!! My hubby already thinks I am nuts for some of the stuff I save 🙂 Can't wait to host another baby shower and make these! Thanks for sharing!

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