Foiling Around - Day 3

October 24, 2019

Ok. I got this for the most part. Time to design my own creation!

My first step was to create an image to foil. That is too easy with Pazzles. I changed the line type to draw. Foiling with Pazzles is the same as drawing. I drew a few circles, a flower and added a sentiment inside. Originally the entire image was drawn in black. You'll see that my first foil quill output was quilled all in gold. After grouping all of that, I added an outline as a cut line, making it a different color in the software.

Happy Circles

Here you see the foiled piece. I use the medium quill for the circles. Then I used the fine quill for the flower, leaves, and sentiment. Can you see the difference?

The Foiled Image

At this point Pazzles has run the machine with two different passes. Next step is to cut out the image. This is a third pass. You'll see that the cut is off left to right. We're still trying to figure this one out. So, I actually ended up trimming the image by hand.

Cut is Off

Finished Image

I'm adding colors to my creation! Take a look again at the first photo -- the image I designed in Pazzles. My plan was to foil each color to match my Pazzles image, except that the black represents gold. But I was getting a little frustrated, so I only foiled gold and green. I think you get the idea though. The gold didn't come out completely. Again, still a novice. (I had to trash the birthday circle, so I used it to test my coloring.)

Gold & Green Foil

Here you see two colors:

Ooh! Two Colors!

I love how this one turned out!


Thank you for joining me on this 3 day journey of foiling. This is a lot of fun and I encourage you to give it a try. Enjoy.

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