Happy Birthday to My Emma JOY--My Greatest Work of Art

July 7, 2011

Today marks the 13th birthday of my first-born. She is officially a teenager and I, I am now the mother of a teenage girl! Whew.

Emma Joy

We had quite a number of names chosen for our baby--girl and boy, as the sex of baby was a surprise. Emma was not on our list (nor did we know it was a popular name). We knew that not a single name our list was that of our baby. We are Christian. We truly believe that God called this child--named this child and placed her name on our hearts. I cannot begin to tell you how her name fits and what a JOY Emma has bestowed on us over the past 13 years!! I praise God daily that Emma was "sorted" in to our family home and hearts.

My girl, my teenager, is becoming a wonderful young woman. She stands up for the underdog and is a natural leader. She is already making the world a better place. She is passionate about everything that draws her interest. She is talented and creative. She owns that she is a child of God and shares her passion for her faith with her friends. God’s word is truly written on her heart. She is strong and brave, and does the right thing even when no one is looking. I am so proud of Emma Joy and to be called her mom.

Emma is a gigantic Harry Potter fan! I think she can recite the whole of all 7 books! She has probably read them over 100 times and I love that she laughs, get angry and is surprised every single time!! So, I have made Emma a HP themed birthday card. As a child who really knows her own heart and path (at an early age) and one who enjoys the hearts of others, I thought that the Sorting Hat would be a fitting image. I hand drew the hat and am pleased with how it turned out. I cannot draw a stick person, so I appreciate that the hat is wrinkled--it made it easy to draw. If you look carefully--as in the movies--you can even see the face. I wanted to give her a gift card to Plato's Closet (used clothing store), where she can continue to define and sort herself out! I ran out of time. So I created my own gift card modeled after the store's logo. ( iforgot to clean up the file before cutting, so it's a tad rough.)

I praise God daily that Emma was "sorted" in to our family home and hearts.

Emma Playing Dress Up with Little Brothers

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  1. What a beautiful story! The name Emma Joy is truly a beautiful name. If I had had children and a girl, I would've named her Emma. LOVE that name! Your card is really good. I bet she loves it! Great job drawing the hat. Looks wonderful! Have a happy day!

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