He Shall Be Called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty King . . . .

December 19, 2012

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Jesus Christ is THE reason we celebrate on December 25th. As a mom, I want my kids to proclaim "Jesus is the Reason." We decorate our home for Christmas--both with Christian and Secular Images. However, I want my kids to proclaim "Jesus is the Reason" and hold this truth in their hearts. I have discovered a new tool to help with that.

Barbara Rainey, a Christian personality, has created some lovely Christmas Adornaments. These ornaments remind us of the Christmas names of Jesus. Along with each Name Ornament, Mrs. Rainey provides an explanation why it is that God chose these seven names for Jesus. I think it is beautiful. You can purchase these ornaments at the link above.

However, I cannot afford the price. So I decided to make my own. I am very appreciative that Mrs. Rainey has shared the written explanation free, online. I am thankful that she has made that tool available.

Since I was making my Names out of paper, I decided to adhere them to a wreath. I started with a $3 wreath from thrift store. And ended up with a gorgeous tribute to out Lord, Jesus Christ. This is a surprise for the family.

I used shimmery paper and various bling to help the Names look Regal. (The Prince of Peace name is shimmery white backed by royal purple.)

Please view the video for the completed wreath.

Here are some of the steps and a little fun!

$3 Thrift Store Wreath

the cuts

names assembled

Names Embellished

glitter fun

more gitter

4 comments on “He Shall Be Called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty King . . . .”

    1. If you follow along in the post, the original idea came from Barbara Rainey, a Christian woman in the public arena.

      I created the names with my Pazzles software and then cut.

  1. oh krista, you are so right about the reason for the season. i can think of many other names for our savior.

    happy holidays to you and yours and may peace filled with your hearts with joy.

    love, agnes

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