No Crafting Allowed

January 25, 2011

Two days without crafting due to illness. Now my craft room has been over taken by "items" and furniture from other parts of the house.
The good news: We are getting new windows. Hubby is going to paint!
The bad news: I am without my space for a . . . week? Maybe longer?
I have projects that need finishing, new ideas to implement and Christmas cards yet to be mailed!
I'm already in withdrawal! I'll have to join the 4 year old at preschool so I can get a craft fix! Wait, I send him to preschool so I can craft uninterrupted. So, do a little crafting for me . . . .

One time I went in the room to get something. I got stuck. I had to PLAN an escape route. Most of that non-crafting stuff is out now b/c the construction team is quite efficient. Maybe I could hire them to clean my craft room. I admit it was a mess before the window project.

Can You Get in the Door?

My Shelf has Been Left Alone

There IS a Desk Here Somewhere

Every Bit of Space Has Been Taken Over

2 comments on “No Crafting Allowed”

  1. hi hairs went up. i will be desolated and with no comfort if that happens to me, lol. you just take it easy, feel better and maybe pull a few things out at a time.

    good luck! 🙂

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