August 18, 2011

Welcome to my cave! I am the proud cave mom to two little cave boys!

Let me formally introduce you to Jacob and Zachary. They are 3 weeks short of being 2 years apart. Follow that? In fact, they had the same due date--not planned. The younger will be 5 years this Friday and the older, 7 years on September 8. I am not exaggerating when I tell you that each one of is 210% boy. I am a quiet person. I liked things planned and organized. I am a loner. The cave boys are exactly the opposite. There are times when they sit still, listen to a story, help around the house, and are kind to each. These times, at the young age of 5 and 7, are rare. They are constantly going . . . and going at each other! (FYI--I do not call them cave boys to their faces.)

But, certainly I do love hem dearly. I am working very hard to raise two Knights in Shining Armor for those of you with present and future princesses! I love to tell the stories of their antics, their goofiness and their sweetness.

I found an adorable cut file called "Double Trouble" to use for commemorating some of their antics. Little Scraps of Heaven Designs has many very cute cut files. They are hosting a challenge this week called "About A Boy." I am pretty sure that the cut file is referring to twins, but I am using it for brothers who get in to plenty of trouble! Alone and together!!

This is my 5th scrap book layout ever! It was fun. I did choose to alter some of the pieces. I made a smaller shadow for the title. In the original pattern the bears are holding the title, but I chose to place it all at the top of my pages. I gave my boy bears shirts. One bear I put in pants (instead of overalls) and gave him a bandanna to represent my son who likes to play Ninja (last photo on right in spread).

Honestly, I have not adhered the pieces and photo mats to the background paper. I am going to remake the bears in a smaller size. (I have a hard time visualizing in my head or even on the computer. I am a tactile person.) I think I am going to have both legs of Ninja Bear go in one direction. (I can certainly use the bears for another project.) If you have other suggestions, please feel free to share. Scrapbooking is very new to me. Teach me oh great ones . . .

I am going to show you the two-page spread and then each page with explanation of the cave boys' pictures.

Left Page

Left Page -- Jacob
Moving Left to Right
Photo 1 -- literally climbing the walls . . . This is a built-in shelf in our living room. I am telling you, cave boys!!
Photo 2 -- Bubble Trouble . . . in the bathtub.
Photo 3 -- Elton John (and his sidekick brother is one the flip side) . . . playing dress-up.
Photo 4 -- . . . not to be outdone by big brother one month later. . . If you look to the inside photo of little brother, you will see that he was the first o try coloring his body with marker!
Bottom of Page
Is a smile too much to ask of these two?!

Right Page

Right Page -- Zachary
Moving Left to Right
Photo 1 -- A budding artist . . . Seems young Z got a hold of some markers. We must have ran out of paper . . .
Photo 2 -- Elton's Sidekick . . . Remember Elton on the flip side, playing dress-up.
Photo 3 -- Yep . . Underwear. Yep . . pink underwear. . . Need I explain this one?!
Photo 4 -- I. am. Ninja! . . . Z loves to pretend he is a Ninja.
Bottom of Page
You don't know how much fun two boys can have with a concrete footing tube?!

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