Playing With Digis

March 19, 2012

I gave another go at digital stamps. I just used colored pencils. Nothing fancy. I found wonderful stamps at Beyond the Fringe Crafts. Carmen has great designs and she is really nice. I printed each stamp twice and layered various parts of each stamp.

I really like this moving truck. I cut some of the furniture and boxes for a second layer. Isn't the rocking chair on top of the roof a cute idea?

Carmen calls this sheep a 'primitive sheep.' He comes with a bird on his head, but I decided to replace it with a party hat. On this one I made the second layer just of the heart.

5 comments on “Playing With Digis”

  1. Hi Krista!
    Your cards are really, really nice! I love the fact you've done some layering(love the added depth it brings) and that little sheep is so cute with a party hat. Thanks so much for representing my digi's so well! I'll be posting your photos on the original digi stamp post, with a link back to your blog. Thanks so much!! 🙂

  2. you need to get a blendy pen. You can use your colored pencils and use that blendy pen and it turns your pencil into a marker (copic) look. MUCH cheaper than buying all those expensive pens. I loved your cards!!! so different than the norm. thats why I love your stuff!!!

  3. Moving truck reminds me of how many people I have seen moving lately. Always makes me smile to see how they have packed but always makes me want to say a prayer that they are moving because they wanted to and not that they had to. This makes me smile. Hugs Pammejo

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