Shades of Love

February 28, 2018

Time again to play with made with love (and paper). Our February theme is True Love. We are challenged to create our project in monochrome (different shades of one color). Please follow the link to see other creations by the team.

True love does not have to be romantic love. What greater bond is there between a mother and her baby? A popular poem is circulating the internet that speaks to this. It is by Kristen Proby from one of her novels. I have chosen to use it in my creation this month.

I am using the monochrome color palette of pink. I cut my pieces from a floral pattern piece of cardstock, so the pieces are multi colored within the range of the palette. My base paper, with the poem, is cream.

I used Adobe Illustrator to set the poem to text. AI is an easy program to learn and is helpful for those of us who can't write fancifully. (Is that a word?) That was the piece of my creation that took the longest. I'm a perfectionist. I used my Pazzles to cut out the butterflies. This butterfly is one that I created a long time ago using my Pazzles' software. You can see that I cut the butterfly in two sizes. I cut twice as many butterflies as I needed so that I could make a dimensional, contrasting color to the edge of the wings. (I only wanted the edges and that is why I did not cut butterflies slightly bigger.)


I put the final piece in a shadow box, measuring 8 inches square. Very sweet. I am well-pleased with the final result.


Side View

Here is the artwork with the shadow box. It appears white in the photo.

Artwork withOUT Shadow Box

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