May 2, 2011

made with love (and paper) Design Team
The "made with love (and paper)" Design Team
made with love consists of a group of gals that love paper-crafting! Each month we challenge ourselves to complete projects with specific requirements. We are a new group to the craft world in internet land. This is our third assignment. Please stop by and join us!! You are welcome to submit your creation to the challenge.

Gift Giving
Are you looking for a fun way to wrap a gift?
This month our team at "made with love" we are sharing our ideas for fun gift wrapping. We hope to give you some new ideas to wrap the love you will give to others.

I tried my hand at an Explosion Box. These are so fun!! You can use a square, pentagon, hexagon, or octagon. (You could probably even make a pyramid.) You can vary the size and the number of layers. You can go simple, stopping at the patterned paper. Or you can dress up your explosion box with embellishments. (Some people use explosion boxes like a photo album or scrapbook.)

I made a hexagon with 3 layers. I did opt to embellish my box with flowers, butterflies and bling. Gotta have bling! I am not going to give you instructions as there are so many on the internet and youtube. But if you need some guidance, feel free to contact me.

My daughter and I are using this particular explosion box to "gift wrap" a tea cup for a favorite teacher. One drawback of explosion boxes it that even though they look big, the inside base is quite small. We will have to leave the saucer on the outside of the box--maybe set the box on the saucer!

Explosion boxes are so easy to make that I had to make a second. Look at this!! I got the idea off the internet. It is a graduation hat! Can you stand it? This box is not quite complete, but wanted to show it to you as well. This box will be used as a photo album. The young man is on a crew team. So I added oars. I plan to cut a few more paper piecings to embellish photos that will placed on inside flaps. I used the school colors. A suggestion for you is to print out the school crest and place on base of the inside. Dress it up as you are moved.

3 comments on “!Surprise!”

  1. i love explosion boxes! I have never seen them done with hexagon shape though - i love the idea! did you make it up yourself? By the way, i want that tea cup! But I am sure the teacher deserves it more 🙂 Thanks for sharing these fabulous creations! Love the grad box too - very cute.

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