Valentine's Day Card Ideas 2014

February 8, 2014

I am going to make this a quick post to share ideas for Valentine's Day. It will be picture heavy, but I hope to inspire you.
I always appreciate your comments. If you have questions on technique, do leave a comment.
For all of my cards, the digital stamps are from one of my favorite resources, The Cutting Cafe.

One-sided card fronts using embossing folders. These cards do not open.

IMG_3982small IMG_3981small
IMG_3980small IMG_3979small
IMG_3978small IMG_3977small
IMG_3976small IMG_3974small
IMG_3972small IMG_4008small

Card fronts for the boys.

Embossed hearts and Inchies

IMG_4005small IMG_4003small
IMG_3999small IMG_3997small
IMG_3996small IMG_3992small
IMG_4016small IMG_4023small

Bookmarks (I love these)

Fancy Cards (I love these too!)


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