♫ Groovin' in the Summertime ♪♫♪♫♪♪

August 7, 2011

My creation follows after the video . . .

Chh chh-chh, uh Chh chh-chh, uh
Chh chh-chh, uh Chh chh-chh, uh
Chh chh-chh, uh Chh chh-chh, uh
Chh chh-chh, uh Chh chh-chh

In the summertime when the weather is hot
You can stretch right up and touch the sky

~Jerry Mungo

First, I like to say that this song was not easy to find! Kind of hard for your friends to identify when you present them with, "You know that song that goes . . . "

Chh chh-chh, uh Chh chh-chh, uh
Chh chh-chh, uh Chh chh-chh

In the summertime when {blank blank} is hot

My thanks to Jerry Mungo band for this fun song. It goes along perfectly with my card. So first I want you to click the video so you can enjoy the music as you read this blog entry. (Am I dating myself?) You can play it again to check out the band member's fab styles! Aw, ladies, you know you wanted a man with those kind of side burns!

On to my summer creation. We are having some summer fun at Paper Playtime. Our challenge for August is Cool Off With Water.  And you can play along too! (Look for Challenge #52.) I am also entering this card in the summer card contest at Scrappin' It.

I designed this fun creation and am pleased with how it turned out.  At the moment this is a free standing piece. So it could be a card or part of a scrapbook layout. I am really happy with the choice of background paper. It jumped out at me. It think it adds to the summer theme! Do you think the tree should have more leaves? A tree is hard for a non-artist. It was fun to use real twine. I used hot glue to adhere the twine in "just the right spots" on the tire and the glue became a natural tool to "pop" out the tire so it appears to be swinging! In fact, the tire is not actually adhered to the paper, so it does really swing! (My printer ran out of ink so I hand wrote the sentiment.) Personally, I have never swung on a tire swing--over or into water. I think it would be a blast! Going to have to hunt that down for my city kids! Do come over to Paper Playtimeand join us as we cool off with water!

4 comments on “♫ Groovin' in the Summertime ♪♫♪♫♪♪”

  1. ohhhh Krista!! LOVE IT!! You do such amazing work that is different than the norm!! I think the tree is PERFECT!! and I love the tire swinging from it!! Loved the music video too. Such eye candy??? LOL!! 🙂

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