Yesterday’s Class Ring Worth a Pretty Penny!

February 18, 2011

Just for fun, I priced out my high school class ring at Josten's in today's dollars. For many years I had the price of my ring memorized--to the penny. I had to buy it myself if I wanted one.

What cost me $135 in 1986, costs $509.99 today!!

In the photo below, my class ring is on the left. I rarely wear it.
My Mom's is on the right. I wear it a lot. I think it is so beautiful.
The ring in front is my maternal grandmother's original wedding ring. I wear it every day!

I do think class rings are beautiful in general. I would enjoy seeing yours (if it's convenient). Post a comment with a link to where it suits you best (blog, facebook, flickr, photobucket, etc).

3 comments on “Yesterday’s Class Ring Worth a Pretty Penny!”

  1. Love the classrings. Mine looked like yours except my stone was red. It was solid gold so I melted it down and had two bangle bracelets made one for me and one for my daughter. I also wear my Mom's wedding band that looks identical and my Mom had a class ring very similar to your Mothers. How freaky is that. She would have graduated in 1948 I think. We lost her this past xmas on Dec. 27th. Was not a good xmas at all. Thanks for listening.

  2. I have mine and my mom's too. My mom's looks similar to your mom's. I graduated in 1989 and my ring is really different. I wanted something different then everyone else so I choose one, that was a different style then the traditional ones.

    I will try and take photos of them tomorrow.

    Ruthie 🙂

  3. *sigh* I love class rings. I was so excited when I graduated - my parents promised me they would buy one for me ... then when we got the booklet and they saw the prices, their jaws dropped and they told me I would never wear it and it would be a waste of money. Of course, I could pay for one myself ... but I was (then and now!) too cheap. It makes me sad to see and think about class rings because I know that the one I had picked out would still have suited me today.

    So no picture. Just a 'Thanks' for bringing back a memory to my mind.

    I actually wear my mother-in-laws first wedding ring when I get all gussed up (it's very simple but I love it!)

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