made with love (and paper) and a Goose!

November 15, 2012

A warm holiday welcome from Krista's Paper Cafe. This month at made with love (and paper) we were invited to focus on Christmas. However, we are to incorporate our top five craft supplies. So I cheated a bit. I started my blog about 2 years ago. Today's creation is a adaption of something I created 2 Christmases back. But it had 4 of my top 5 craft items, so I had to re-do it, adding the fifth element!

If you go to that original post, you will see that it's creation and today's are very similar. The main diffrence is that instead of a card, it is now a tag.

My Top 5 Craft Supplies
1. Fiber
2. Word Circle Digital Stamp
3. Paper Piecing Cut File
4. Tag
5. Patterned Paper

Why These Craft supplies?
I am really attracted to the “word circle” digital stamp pattern. I love playing with creating my own. I also created the goose piecing myself with the help of my Pazzles personal cutter. When I first joined the web world of crafting I was introduced to tags, and invited to be on a tag creative team. I had zero experience with tags. They have come to be one of my "top 5 craft supplies." Tags are so versatile. Who in paper crafts is not a paper addict?! There are too many choices in this blessed world in which we live. I would love to dress in craft paper . . . someday . . . And finally, if you have been a follower, you know I go nuts over fibers!!

**I just might have a test on this later on my facebook fan page. You might win a prize!!

Remember you can join us at made with love (and paper) and submit your own Christmas creation with your fav supplies.


3 comments on “made with love (and paper) and a Goose!”

  1. oh krista, i do love your tag and one day i would love to dress in my pattern papers too. i am just addicted to them, really addicted. 😛
    happy holidays to you and know i read all your comments, just not enough time to do rounds.
    big hug sweet friend.

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