Santa's Little Helpers

November 21, 2012

Excuse me as I am sending this post a second time as Miss Elf now has a helper--Mr Elf!!

This is so fun! This Elf cut file is designed by Cheryl at Creative Kuts. It is actually 3D and is made with candy canes! We eat very little sugar at our house, so I used pipe cleaners. Because I used pipe cleaners, I used hot glue to adhere the body parts. My elf is a bit long legged (like me) but I think that is even more fun! I think this project is pretty kid-friendly. I am going to pre-cut the peices and invite the kids at Thanksgiving dinner to make one. There is a male version also. I hope you enjoy looking at this cutie pie! (I think that this will not be in the CK Store until Monday.)

I used pipe cleaners, so first I had to make candy canes.

The various pieces prior to assembly.

Lay two canes side by side at an angle. You can adhere them together or only to the dress.

Add hands and feet and close dress.

Here she is completed.

A close up of her sweet face.

Miss Elf has a New Friend, Mr Elf

Here is the back. You can also see the size w the ruler.

6 comments on “Santa's Little Helpers”

  1. Krista, this is excellent how you showed the process of making this file. I love the use of the pipe cleaners and can now picture you at least with long legs. I am jealous. Thanks for making and sharing.

    Creative Kuts

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