My Little Mermaid

July 11, 2017

Yep, I'm still here. I was quite busy with a school fundraiser and then needed a break. How has your summer started? Our has been slow and we have been lazy. Having tween boys is a new thing for this mom. Still trying to figure that one out!

On the other hand, my daughter is now 19. She has been out of the house for almost a year now. Living the life of an adult. This mom is also trying to figure that out and where I now fit into her life. I miss her so much. As a baby, we would snuggle her in a soft blanket.

Wee Mermaid

We celebrated her birthday this past weekend. She requested a mermaid blanket. And although she is no longer my little mermaid, she'll always be my baby! So I decided to snuggle her up with her request.

I found a free pattern and directions on the JoAnn Fabric's website.

I chose these beautiful colors:

Beautiful Soft Fleece

My son requested a trip to the community pool. Could you ask for better inspiration to make a mermaid blanket?!! A mom's gotta do what a mom's gotta do. You'll see in the video that I used a lounge chair as my table! JoAnn's has a genius way to share the pattern electronically. You print 22 pages and assemble the pattern! That was actually fun. Of course the next step was to cut the pieces of fabric. I returned home to sew the mermaid tail! I can handle the basics of sewing and thankfully, this pattern is pretty easy to follow.

Enjoy the video.

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