. . . Sandals Were for Clementine

June 25, 2011

How well do you know this song? Or think you know this song? I don't know it as well as I thought I did. As a kid I thought it was a strange song overall. And I am convinced that the words were, "Wearing boxes with out topses . . . sandals were for Clementine." (I don't even know what a herring box is?? Do you?) Ah, memories. As a kid I had my share of sandals and flip flops. But since becoming an adult . . . I wear socks 24/7, 365 days a year (except to bathe and swim)! Crazy I know, but I do not like people looking at or touching my feet!! But I have seen the flip flop style possibilities!! And now there is a cut file for "boxes WITH topses!" The possibilities for paper flip flops are also endless!

One of my favorite designers of paper cut files is Miss Eleanor at SVG Shop. I have used her files in my blog posts previously. She has introduced me to a fun blog called the Paper Dolls. They have a great challenge this week over at the Paper Dolls blog! It is challenge #4 and the theme is Flip Flops! Wait! You say . . . Flip Flops? Paper Crafting? Huh?!

I have told you before that Eleanor is a genius! She has provided a free cut file for a really fun flip flop box!!

I have several ideas I want to try, but here is the first. I used buttons to decorate my flop. I did not have any large fun buttons, so I had to get a little creative. I am hoping to make one more flop of a different theme before the challenge ends. Will you join us at the Paper Dolls Flip Flop Challenge? If you make one (or a pair) do comment on my blog with a link to your post so I can see your creation!

It's a Flip Flop BOX!!

The Top Lifts Off

Close Up of Strap

And just in case you can't remember all the lyrics from your childhood . . .
My Darlin’ Clementine

In a cavern in a canyon excavating for a mine
Lived a miner, a forty-niner, and his daughter Clementine

Oh, my darlin’, oh, my darlin’, oh, my darlin’ Clementine!
You were lost and gone forever! Dreadful sorry Clementine!

Light she was and like a fairy and her shoes were number nine
Herring boxes without topses, sandals were for Clementine

Drove she ducklings to the water every morning just at nine
Hit her foot against a splinter, fell in to the foamin’ brine

Ruby lips above the water blowing bubbles soft and fine
But, alas, she was no swimmer, so he lost his Clementine!

Then the miner, the forty-niner, soon began to pike and pine

Thought he ought-er join his daughter now he’s with his Clementine

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