Tag! You're It!

June 27, 2011

It's summer time! Yeah!! I know that many of you head to the beach come these warm months. Not me. In Minnesota we go to a pool or maybe a lake. I guess a lake has a beach, but it's not a real beach. I have been to a real beach--Rehoboth Beach in Delaware (the little state on the Atlantic coast). Having had such an experience for the first time in my life at age 22-->that is my definition of a beach<--on the Ocean (not one on a lake). I lived in Delaware for one year and we made our fair share of trips to Rehoboth Beach (there's not much to do in Delaware). An Ocean Beach is amazing! When I stood on the beach and looked out at the Ocean, I could not doubt that God exists!! I could not see land on the other side of the ocean like one can on a Minnesota lake. The ocean is so huge and yet I, bigger then each grain of sand on that beach created by God, am so important! It was a bit scary but breath-taking, awe-inspiring and reassuring of my faith. I am taking part in a tag swap through Expressions of Faith. I chose to make tags with a Beach theme. I want to share them with you. Some have space to add a small picture. I had left over paper, so for each tag I made a few complimentary mats in case the receiver wants to make a scrapbook layout. Some of the embellishments are stickers from Expressions of Faith's etsy store.

I am thankful for Rachele for hosting the swap and I look forward to receiving tags made by other crafters. This is so fun!
Enjoy your summer days! Hope you can get to the beach!

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