My Guy, My Guy, My GUYS

August 16, 2011

Today I am playing along with Jalisa at Patches of Pink. For this week's Link-Up Party, Jalisa has invite us to link up anything you have been working on recently or that you create specifically for this post, but it must represent something that makes you HAPPY!!

My immediate family makes me Happy. My Groom and my yougnest Son both celebrate their birthdays this week. (My older son's birthday is Sept 8, but I am not ready for that.)

Daddy's birthday was Monday. I used a cut created by Stephanie at Digital Designs. This couple is so versatile. I have made a few anniversary cards and felt it was fitting for my hubby's birthday.

My son's 5th birthday is this Friday. He has been such a goof lately. He does indeed like all things "boy." He has been acting like a Ninja as of late. This is the part that really makes me happy--it's a great story.
Imagine if you can:He takes the pose, arms raised to head level, and calmly and confidently states, "I. AM. Ninja."
And then he proceeds to knock HIMSELF in the face!!
He has played this out over and over. I tell him that this Ninja needs more practice!
I knew exactly what I had to do for his birthday card! I carried the Ninja "lingo" through to the inside. I can't wait to give it to my 5 year old!!

inside of card

Footnote: Tonight I am happy about one other guy in my life: My friend Peter. He happens to live next door. He saved me with his camera. My hubby left and I forgot to tell him that to leave our camera at home. Peter took time out from his busy evening to get shots of the cards at crunch time. I am thankful for his friendship always! I'll have to make Peter and appropriate thank you card! Thanks Peter!!
(And then of course our internet went down due to a storm. But it was up in the nick of time.)

11 comments on “My Guy, My Guy, My GUYS”

  1. Oh gosh...these are SO awesome!
    This seems a Summer for big birthdays (my boys turned 7 and 2!)
    I love hearing these stories about the kids and think this is a great card
    to give them..
    and of course for your hubby...just love that too!
    So glad to see these!

    ~Leah (The Cutting Cafe)

  2. aww sweet cards for your it...boy I wish I had the ninjas when Josh was smaller he loved them and he still likes them to a point now although he is much older and your hubby card is cute! 🙂 TFS

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