Bitten By the Bug–The Cricut Cult

February 5, 2011

Dedicated To: Cricut Groupies

I have a Pazzles Inspiration personal cutter. IT is amazing!! I welcome you to look around my blog and see the possibilities. If you want to know more, contact me.

I do not have a Cricut.
I do not think I ever will. Sorry--don't take it personally!
I am just having fun with this!

I know how loyal many Cricut fans are to their product. I have even seen many decorated and personalized machines! Maybe some have even named their machines!! I know you are very Brand Loyal to your Cricut, it's accessories and each other. I do see so very many similar cuts from one Cricut fan to another. It must be that special bond you have with others who are so similar to you. I don't get it.

That's all fine and good. But I bet I have one Cricut thing that not many Cricut owners cannot claim to have.

I found this watch (pictured above) at the thrift store. It says Keroppi and Sanrio on the band. I deduced it to be a McDonalds happy meal "prize." It has a resemblance to Hello Kitty. After a quick internet search I found it to be so. Just in case you have to have one to complete your Cricut set, search for 2010 McDonalds Hello Kitty #5 Keroppi Watch.

Now, the watch is not a Cricut manufactured or endorsed item. But you can get one anyway--it's close enough. Maybe you will be the first on the block to have this "Cricut" item. And you can have the bragging rights!

On second thought, get one for all your Cricut friends! Yeah, that's better. That's safer.

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