I Spy A Pumpkin

September 26, 2012

Fall has arrived. Are you ready to get creative? I am! The cave boys and the princess have returned to school and the house is sooooo quiet.

Time for a new creation for the "made with love (and paper)" Design Team. made with love consists of a group of gals that love paper-crafting! Each month we challenge ourselves to complete projects with specific requirements. Please stop by and join us!! You are always welcome to submit your creations to the challenges.

This was supposed to be posted at the start of September. I have no excuse. You can still join us too.
theme: "autumn"
requirements: pumpkins & patchwork

I went simple this time. Pumpkins made of paper strips. Well, simple if you are just making a few pumpkins. I figured I would go ahead and make my table favors for Thanksgiving dinner. Hard to believe, but these "simple" pumpkins take time. I had in my mind for the longest time that the requirement of patchwork was to use plaid instead. So you will see a number of plaid pumpkins.

There are a number of recipes for making this type of pumpkin. But really, you can make the strips in any length, width and quantity that you choose to get the effect that you are looking for. So just go for it and have fun!

Although the pumpkins do take time to assemble and then spread out, they are fun to play with. So many variations and attractive ways to decorate them. You can use paper (as I did) for the tendrils--or ribbons, pipe cleaners, etc. I like the idea of using fewer strips and then filling the pumpkin with straw (as shown in the thumbnail).

Remember when these decorative edge scissors came out? They were my first investment in the craft world 15 years ago! I am glad I hung on to them.

These scissors work great to cut the paper strips with a little flair.

Choose papers and cut strips.

I chose to combine my strips with a brad. You could glue them. Punching a hole and using a brad allows for play in forming the pumpkin.

Punch a hole on both ends of each strips.

Add a brad to one end.

Add a brad to the other end.

Open strips to a circle by moving half of the strips to one side.

Fan out the strips . . .

. . . to form desired look.

Here is another view.

and another.

Next step is to decorate your crop of pumpkins. The really fun part!! I'm saving those pictures as a surprise!!

I redeemed myself in regard to the requirement of patchwork with a scarecrow. I used some of the pumpkins along with him to create a center piece. I did faux stitched the patches with a gel pen--but it is hard to see. I like how he turned out. The scarecrow is a cut file from My Time to Craft. He is just an outline, but I cut him into pieces to dress him up a bit. I am horrible at drawing faces. In fact, Mr. Scarecrow did have a face and indeed, he scared the crows away--as well as this crafter! So I re-cut his head and made him without a face. Still so cute! Do you like him?


Here is the finished creation. I love all the parts of it! Especially the scarecrow.

Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Here are a few extra photos. I am offering the apple cut file for free. Leave a comment with your email if you want the file and the version (wpc, svg, pdf).

Cool Top View!

Apples--to add contrast.

6 comments on “I Spy A Pumpkin”

  1. Paula D
    The largest pumpkin is made of strips that are 1" wide by 12" long. Yes, the leaves are a cut file that I drew up on Pazzles.

    I agree that this project is quite kid-friendly. A bonus in my book.

  2. I love those pumpkins. I am going to try to make some to go on my table for the craft fair coming up, to spice it up!!! thanks for sharing!!! what did you use to make your leaves? was that a cut file? and what was the largest length of paper to get the big pumpkin?

  3. Very cool idea. I love how they look all in a 'patch'. Sparks one's creativity. One could work a Peanuts "Great Pumpkin" theme into it too.
    Or put a lollipop in the apples with the sticks sticking up as the stems and the candy part as the apples 'core'.

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