It's A Little Personal . . .

August 1, 2011

The "made with love (and paper)" Design Team
made with love consists of a group of gals that love paper-crafting! Each month we challenge ourselves to complete projects with specific requirements. We are a fairly new group to the craft world in internet land. This is our sixth assignment. Please stop by and do join us!! You are welcome to submit your creation to the challenge.

Can you believe it is August already? For me that means only 5 weeks until the kids return to school. I am looking forward to longer periods of "Me Time." Our August theme is prepping me for that as the theme is "Get Personal." Time to give a little attention to ourselves. The challenge is to create a Monogrammed Item. We are to include ribbon and at least two patterned papers.

I had to think hard about what I would like with my initial(s) on it. I do love hats. Before kids I had quite a number of hats and would wear them almost everywhere. Still love hats. One really should not leave the house without a stylish hat! For the challenge I chose to design a hat. A 3D Paper Top Hat!! After all, this is paper crafting! And this hat (although not life size) is my hat!

I drew the pattern in my Pazzles personal cutting system. Remember I cannot draw, I am not a designer. Neither am I an engineer or mathematician. Pazzles is helping me become a designer! I had so much fun! I had 6 or 7 prototypes. I can't picture things in my head. I have to see it and feel it and manipulate with my hands. Here is a fun picture of the prototypes. I had them on the floor and kept knocking in to them so I had to number them!!


I chose a rustic yellow and purple for my color scheme. Love this fabulous paper from K & Co. It is called "specialty paper." All the pieces are delicious, some have metallic accents. The yellow I chose is covered with faint handwriting and foil. It is a lovely choice for a formal affair. The flowers are made from Core'dinations gold "pearls." I hand tore them to give the natural, rustic look. We were required to use ribbon. In my book, fiber falls included in the ribbon category. You know I love my fibers! I used an eyelash fiber of a deep purple. As I said, a hat needs to be stylish! So I dressed up my top hat a bit more with three stick pins that I made, following through on my theme colors of yellow and purple. I made two pins with beads. Love the yellow teapot! (I am planning to join Johnny Depp (aka Mad Hatter) for tea!) For the monogram piece, I decided to go with my first name initial only. I made the 'K' stick pin using patterned paper that complimented the rest of the hat. This top hat measures 4 inches high by 5 1/2 inches wide.

Tell me what you think!! I love it!! I have been working on this pattern for a while. I have so many color, theme and embellishment ideas floating around in my head! I may have to open a hat shop!! I think this top hat would be a great party decoration or favor! Even as a fabulous centerpiece for a tea party!

I am linking this project to Patches of Pink Thursday Link-Up Party. Join us there as well.
Patches of Pink

4 comments on “It's A Little Personal . . .”

  1. Beautiful, and I must find those tea pots, it is now my mission!!! I am assuming this is the project that had you so frustrated! I knew you would come through it and kick its butt!

  2. This hat is so pretty:) I am glad you stopped by my blog and left a comment so I could find you. Oh, by the way. I was #9 at Patches of Pink. The book I made for Kate is for a 7 year old cancer patient for a project I started. You can read about it on my blog. She is not my daughter. I am only 16 years old:) If you would like to make a card for her that would be awesome! You are really talented. I am following you now:)

  3. Krista, I think you out did yourself!! I LOVE that hat. the fibers almost have a feathery appeal to them!! and the flowers are perfect. Did you just tear the paper and roll it up? You have to tell me your secret!! The stick pins, are way cute!! were do you get your materials to make those. I want to try my hand in that!! The cave boys pic is PRICELESS!!!!!

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