Penguins Wobble, But They Don't Fall Down

November 16, 2011

This Post Is Dedicated to My Dear Friend, Karle.

One of the latest crazes in paper crafting is Action Wobbles(c). This is small plastic spring attached to adhesive paper on both ends. The idea is to put a little spring in your creations. See this post of a card I made when Wobbles first introuced to the craft world.

Yes, they are fantastic! So fantastic that the company that makes Wobbles cannot keep up with demand. When they first came out I also thought they were fantastic! But I am thrifty and I am also quite careful about what I take out of and put back in to the earth. I do not care for waste or products that do not decompose.

My friend Karle made a card with a Penguin on it. I suggested that she add a Wobble. She has one Wobble to her name. I asked her if she knew how to make a paper spring. She did not and I cannot just hop in my car. Chicago is close to Minneapolis, but not that close. I need to be here when my kids get home from school.

In the first grade I learned how to make my own paper spring. You simply fold a strip of paper back and forth to give it the spring effect. In fact, I learned two methods. I put together a still photo tutorial. I hope you can catch what I am doing. Maybe I'll have to video it live. Let me know. You know I love this because it is kid friendly. Remember, I learned this in the first grade (37 years ago).

First, the easier version. You want a strip of paper that is wide enough to support your object, but narrow enough to hide behind it. This version can be flimsy--depending on what you are attaching it to.

Start With a Narrow Strip of Paper/Cardstock

Fold Strip Back-n-Forth (like making a paper fan)

Adhere to Object and Base (card, scrap page, etc.)

Now the version that is a bit trickier. However, it is much more sturdy and may be a tad more springy! Start with two strips of paper. Again, you want strips of paper that will make a finished spring that is wide enough to support your object, but narrow enough to hide behind it. (Scroll to the bottom so you know what you want to end up with.)

Begin with 2 Strips of Paper

Adhere the End of One Strip to the Other Forming a Square Corner

Fold Strip on Right Across to the Left, Crease

Fold Strip on Bottom Across to the Top, Crease

Fold Strip on Left Back Across to the Right, Crease

Fold Strip on Top Back Across to the Bottom, Crease

At this point, you will have a column. When you let go, it will pop open a bit.

Spring Stretched Out

Adhere Spring to Object and Base


One comment on “Penguins Wobble, But They Don't Fall Down”

  1. When action wobbles came out I thought about doing the double paper fold but haven't tried it. I will have to give it a try because sometimes the budget doesn't allow purchasing action wobbles. Plus you can use those scraps. Thanks for reminding us this will work too.
    TTFN from a follower

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