Manly Decoupage (isn't that an oxymoron?)

May 31, 2011

The "made with love (and paper)" Design Team
made with love consists of a group of gals that love paper-crafting! Each month we challenge ourselves to complete projects with specific requirements. We are a new group to the craft world in internet land. This is our fourth assignment. Please stop by and do join us!! You are welcome to submit your creation to the challenge.

Something for the Boys
We were challenged to put on our masculine thinking caps for June. This challenge may give you some ideas father's day.

A clipboard and can for his nuts for Dad and a smaller clipboard for Dad's Little Helper. We are also supposed to incorporate the following elements: ink, metal and distressing.

This is my first try at Decoupage.  At first I did try a homemade version of the decoupage recipe and it turn out just fine. It had a flat look though. I did use a brand name product because I wanted it shiny.I took two clip boards made of thick chipboard. (I picked these up at Target for $1 each. ) They were cute as were, but remember we are going for a masculine theme. For dad's nuts, I up-cycled a veggie can. (You could use a jar too!) Cut the letters on my Pazzles and adhered them with the decoupage. I think it turned out to be a fun little set for dad and his helper.  I see now that I totally blew off the required elements. Sorry. (I do not not what distressing is anyway.)

Speaking of masculine, my 6 1/2 year old cave boy needed some entertaining while I was trying to get this project completed. I brought him in on it. He enjoys crafting and learning new things. He chose to deco a bottle with technology pictures (mostly sound equipment). He hasn't decided the purpose of his bottle, but he is quite proud! I think he really did enjoy this craft. Maybe this summer I'll have both cave boys deco a wooden box!!


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