Snowman Christmas

December 16, 2018

Happy Christmas!

At my work place we are engaging in Secret Santa. That is when you draw the name of a co-worker and secretly give them presents. At the end of the given period, you reveal your identity. Usually, the group engaging in this festivity agrees to a low dollar allotment.

We are doing a one week Secret Santa mission. I have found 5 small, yet nice, items to gift to my recipient. I had the clever idea to package them in a snowman!

My snow "balls" are "square." I used a cut file for a cube that I created years ago with my Pazzles software. I resized it to 4 graduating sizes--staring with one inch and increasing by a quarter inch each time. The bottom gift was quite a bit largerthan the others and flat (a picture frame). Fortunately I had a box to compliment my set up, as creating a cube for the bottom would have made things disproportionately odd. His hat is a cylinder that I fashioned by hand.

Cube Before Closing

I am attaching a note instructing my recipient to begin at the bottom. My identity will be revealed in a note inside the hat!

He's a four "ball" snowman!

Happy Holidays!

This is a craft that you can do with the kiddos. Make your snowman as tall as you wish!

Blessed Christmas to you and yours.

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