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July 9, 2018

I was busy sippin' the summer away and forgot to complete my assignment for made with love (and paper). June's challenge was refreshing: Pink Lemonade: How does the thought of pink lemonade inspire you? Requirements: pink, yellow, polka dots. Follow this link to see the creations of the other team members.

I thought that a fresh menu for the summer months was in order. This is a simple design. I started with the days of the week. I used my Pazzles InVue software to design my creation, as well as to print & cut the days. Note in the photo below, the "L" shaped marking at the top right of the cut mat. This is the Registration Mark that Pazzles uses for cutting. With Pazzles I can register the black text for the days as Print Only and the pink outline of the arrows as Cut Only. First I printed, right from the Pazzles software! Then I placed that printout on my Print & Cut mat for Pazzles and cut out the arrows. It's quite click.

Screenshot of Pazzles Software at Work

Loaded & Ready To Cut

Days Are Perfectly Cut

To make this Menu Board reusable, I had to come up with a way to write and erase the daily meals. Did you know that you can write and erase on packing tape?! Yes, you can! As long as you use a dry erase marker. I recommend using packing tape that is wider then the cardstock strips, allowing for a little play in placement.

Prepping the Tape

I cut the strips for each day of the week and then covered them with the packing tape. I used the paper cutter to trim the excess tape. I placed the days of the week on top of the tape. (You could cover the days with tape as well.)

The finished Menu Board is 12" by 15.5". Here's a tip: the background cardstock comes as a 12" by 12" cut and one piece was too "short" for my planned menu. I adhered an additional piece of cardstock with the seam behind one of the days (Wednesday). This allows me to hide the seam. Clever.

Ready to Plan the Week's Meals

Now we are ready to plan summer meals in style!

Shot of the banner and the menu in use:

A Welcoming Banner

Come & Get It!

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