Swinging Into Fall

September 20, 2020

Whoot! Whoot! I'm so excited that this worked out! I created my own triple swing card pattern with my Pazzles InVue software. (No need to spend money and shelf space on metal dies when you have the mighty Pazzles at your disposal!) It took a little thinking on my part, but it is great exercise for my brain. Folded, the card measures 6" X 4.75".

Actually, I had made a single swing card first and then modified the pattern. My single swing is a pumpkin. My triple swing hosts circles. It will be easy to change both the single and triple to other shapes. And I can't wait!!

Today I am making swing cards with a fall theme. I'll show the single swing card first. I created the pumpkin shape myself. I used Pazzles to foil the scrolling on this pumpkin. The scrolled leaves are a portion of a file from Printable Cuttable Createables.


Now let's take a look at the triple swing cards. It is so fun playing with the decorations.

Here I used the same pumpkin as above, but of course, a smaller version. I added simple curved lines of foil to the face of the pumpkins.

Loving the colors on this fall leaf triple swing card! The leaves are my creation. Do you like the added flair of the leaves' lines drawn with foil? Crisp, right?!

I think this card is my favorite: The acorns! Adorable! I like these little acorns on the "front" panel. When you open this card you are greeted by a happy beaver. Now I know beavers probably don't eat acorns, but I couldn't resist pairing the two elements. The acorn is a design from Treasure Box Designs.

I will be delighted to get your feedback on my cards. And I'm happy to share my patterns with you. Leave your email address if you want the pattern (SVG and PVCG). (write your email out like this example: carol at gmail dot com)

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