Do You Want to Play Dress-Up With Me? (Versatile Scallops Day 5)

May 20, 2011

Today you will see how you can adapt the same scallop and base dress to make your own line of fashionable dresses. I have made these dresses into note cards that measures 4.25" wide by 6" high. I had so much fun with these cuties--I cannot wait to make more!!

First to show you the basic dress with slightly altered sides. Look carefully. Start with a round scallop with 30 scallops. (The scalloped circle was made using the software that operates my Pazzles Inspiration Vue personal die-cutter.) The top of the dress has 4 scallops and the bottom, 8.

Now, we'll take it up a notch. Again start with a round scallop with 30 scallops. The top of the dress has 4 scallops and the bottom, 8. Cut away a tad more then 2 scallops neighboring the 4 top scallops. This leaves almost 7 full scallops on the side.

You have two choices:
Fold the seven scallop piece toward the middle on each side. This works nicely if you use double-sided paper/card stock and like the built in complimentary patterns.

Or, cut off the 7 scallops and reposition them. In this case I used the same patterned paper.

Then embellish. Here is this style in it's finished state. I love these!! Especially the Rose dress. Thanks for joining me for this week of scallops. I hope I was able to show you something new and perhaps inspire you. If you have any questions on this week's creations, do contact me. I will be listing some of these in my online shop.

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